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June/July 2024


Cross Country 250: June/July 2024

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Current Issue

Cross Country Issue 250: June/July 2024

Fabi Buhl comes eye-to-eye with Cerro Fitz Roy in Patagonia on the cover of Cross Country 250. The German pilot has gone from rock-rat to skygod in super-quick time – and inside we find out how.




Here’s a taste of other stories from the free-flying world:

Swiss PWC Podium

Competition season is here, and the recent World Cup in Switzerland was half misery, half ecstasy. Russell Ogden tells us why this is his favourite podium shot ever.

French record seekers

Records fell like rain on 23 April in France, when six pilots flew 460km to set a new French national record. We get the grit.

Dragon Hike-and-Fly

Photographer Henry George was on hand to capture the action at the Dragon Hike & Fly race in Wales – plus the Northern Lights made a rare appearance.

Rob Johnson

“You can carry a wing that weighs 2kg, go climbing and fly back to your car – that’s amazing.” Rob Johnson is a filmmaker with a passion for the hills – Jack Sheard finds out more.

Tanguy Renaud-Goud

“Tanguy did what?” Tanguy Renaud-Goud set a new hike-and-fly record with an 17,500m challenge in Spring. We ask the obvious question: “Why?!”


Photographer Robin Issartel was hot on the heels of the race leaders at this year’s Bornes to Fly.

Launching Techniques

Do you nail your launches every time? Felix Wölk has some top tips to help make every take-off a perfect one.

PWC Interlaken

“Maybe I should just stand down?” Gavin McClurg writes from the heart about one of his best – and worse – competition weeks in his career.


Matthew Scutter, the weather brain behind SkySight, explains why how dry the soil beneath our feet really matters – and how forecasting models are starting to get it right.

Honorin Hamard

Honorin Hamard has been at the top of the competition game for more than a decade. Fresh back winning the PWC Superfinal in Brazil we talked to him about the scene, his own performance and the future of competition flying.


“Beyond the number it’s the landscapes, the conditions, the timing, the moments of wonder…” When Mathilde Chivet wanted to fly her first 200km FAI triangle there was only one place to go: Col de l’Izoard in the southern French Alps.

Fabi Buhl

Mixing high level climbing and paragliding, Fabi Buhl has grabbed flying with both hands and soared. Tarquin Cooper talks to him about his route into flying, his steep learning curve and his adventure flying around the world.

Ben Mor Coigach

Ben Mor Coigach lies in the far northwest of Scotland, with a view straight out to the wild Atlantic. Chris Sangwin and friends head here for a memorable hike-and-fly in a rare weather window

Julien Garcia

French Team coach Julien Garcia has just helped two of his pilots to gold at the European Paragliding Championships. In the latest in this series he explains why what you feel and what you do matters most. “Your brain is not a computer,” he says.

The Harness Files

Welcome to the Harness Files – where science writer Bastienne Wentzel explores what we need to know about paragliding back protection and why. If you’re thinking of changing, going lightweight, or upgrading your harness, then this is eye-opening stuff. Essential reading.

Woody Valley Race

The Woody Valley Race is the latest high-tech lightweight harness to capture hearts and minds. We talk to Aaron Durogati about its X-Alps-inspired features and take it flying too.

Tom Peghiny

“I still just love the whole thing. The camaraderie, the kooky people, the equipment, the flying.” Tom Peghiny reflects on 50 years in free flying.

Plus: We round the news, updates, new kit and top flights from the season so far.

Cross Country Issue 250 (June/July) is out now.





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