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Wolfi Lechner retires from Nova

Wolfi Lechner, one of the founders of Nova Paragliders in 1989, has officially retired this month. Sissi Eisl took over as Nova’s CEO in 2018

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Gin Fuse 3

Gin Fuse 3 tandem paraglider

Gin’s new Fuse 3 tandem targets the professional market, and is available in 37 and 41m² sizes. Gin say it’s “efficient, reliable and fun”

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Ozone Switch paraglider harness

Ozone Switch “radically versatile” lightweight harness

Ozone’s Switch is a lightweight reversible harness for speed flying, speed riding and hike-and-fly. Its durable rucksack is equipped with ski holders

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Cross Country 217 (Feb/Mar 2021)

Cross Country 217 (Feb/Mar 2021) comes bundled with the 100-page Cross Country International Gear Guide 2021 – free for all subscribers

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Pierre Bouilloux triangle video

Video: Pierre Bouilloux’s 132km FAI triangle flight in 1993

A true paragliding pioneer, Supair founder Pierre Bouilloux flew a 132km FAI triangle in the Alps back in 1993. This is the video he made of that flight

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Between Two Worlds

Video: Between Two Worlds

Adi Geisegger’s new short film captures the magic of free-flight – paragliding through a frozen Alpine wonderland in winter 2020/21

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Advance Pi 3

Video: First look – Advance Pi 3

Marcus and Charlie King took the Advance Pi 3 19 out into the mountains of southern France to get a feel for it at different wing loadings

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Skills and learning

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paraglider collapse

How to keep cool and calm when your glider collapses

Bruce Goldsmith on how you can train yourself to react the right way – and not over-react – when you get hit by a collapse

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Ozone McDaddy coastal soaring

How to soar the coast like a pro

There’s more going on at the coast than you might think. Honza Rejmanek kites into the lift at his local cliff to explain

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Podcast: When should you step up a wing class?

Greg Hamerton answers that big question: When should you step up? When is the right time to fly a higher class of paraglider?

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Woody Valley GTO Light 2

First Look at the Woody Valley GTO Light 2

The GTO Light 2 from Woody Valley is definitely more of an evolution than a revolution, but it brings some welcome extras to the original design

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Apco Hybrid Tandem Review (EN B / DGAC)

The innovative Apco Hybrid has been supersized to a tandem. Marcus and Charlie King tried it out

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XC Tracer Maxx

XC Tracer Maxx review

The updated XCTracer has a big new screen. Marcus King looks at what’s behind it

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