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Ozone Triox 2 trike wing

Ozone have unveiled their new paramotor trike wing and it has a little surprise – winglets! These improve stability and eliminate oscillations, Ozone say

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Nikolaus Kurcz

Nikolaus Kurcz to be Nova’s new Managing Director

Nikolaus Kurcz will be Nova’s new Managing Director, starting in December 2021. He takes over from Sissi Eisl who is expecting a baby in January

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UAE Hike and Fly Championships 2021. Credit: Michael Sigel / Adi Geisegger / Instagram

UAE Hike-and-Fly: ‘Insane’ 300m hotel launch revealed

The inaugural UAE Hike-And Fly Championships has been forced to change its planned first task less than 24-hours ahead of the start

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Latest issue

Cross Country 226 (Dec 2021 / Jan 2022)

It’s mountain magic – from circumnavigating the highest peaks in the Alps to hiking and flying with some of the US’s finest pilots, we lean in and go far

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Paragliding World Champions Team GB

Team GB: ‘How we won the World Championships’

A brilliant insight into paragliding competition at the very highest level – and how the British team and Russell Ogden won gold in Argentina

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Watch: Round Britain’s COP26 paramotor edit

Made by Sacha Dench and the late Dan Burton, this film is a unique look at the “Green Revolution” that’s happening everywhere right now.

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From Paraglide Maui to Paraglide Kilimanjaro

When Peter Fay from Paraglide Maui was forced to temporarily close his business earlier he headed to Tanzania to hike-and-fly from Kilimanjaro

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Skills and learning

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A temperature map for western North America on 29 June 2021, when an all-time high temperature of 49.6C was recorded in Lytton, British Columbia, western Canada. The next day the village was evacuated before it burnt to the ground as a wildfire swept through. Two people were killed. Image: Nasa

Extreme weather? Think ‘compound event’

A succession of record-breaking natural disasters swept the globe in 2021, including floods, heatwaves, drought and wildfires

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Théo de Blic Spiral Tutorial

Théo de Blic’s Spiral Dive Tutorial

Want to know how to spiral dive like a pro? Théo de Blic and Nova have released a 27-minute spiral dive masterclass.

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How to read the clouds

Seb Benz on how to read the clouds

Seb Benz explains what to look for when looking at cumulus clouds. How can paraglider and hang glider pilots read clouds – and get it right?

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Ozone Rush 6

Ozone Rush 6 review (EN B)

There are some significant changes to the Ozone Rush 6 compared with the 5, including an increased aspect ratio and a new, hybrid, line set

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CimAlp Maxfly goggles

CimAlp MaxFly goggles review

CimAlp’s MaxFly Ultralight goggles are made especially for paragliding. They are slimmer and lighter than typical ski goggles. Lawrie Noctor tries them

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Supair Supervisor helmet

Supair Supairvisor helmet review

Charlie King tries Supair’s new lightweight paragliding helmet with inbuilt visor

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