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Ramón Morillas

World record: Ramón Morillas flies paratrike to 7,027m

Ramón Morillas flew his powered trike to 7,027m above Granada, Spain to set a World paramotor altitude record in the solo trike (PL1) category

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Dan Burton filming during the Round Britain Climate Challenge in July. Photo: Dan Burton

Dan Burton dies in paramotor filming accident

Well-known adventure filmmaker Dan Burton has died in a paramotoring accident following a mid-air collision with Sacha Dench

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Paraglider Manufacturers Association

Job opportunity: PMA seek part time manager

The Paraglider Manufacturers Association (PMA) are looking for a part time manager, to start in January 2022

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Latest issue

Cross Country 224 (October 2021)

Inside Project 8,000m with François Ragolski and Antoine Girard – paragliding, setting records and having fun among the world’s highest peaks

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Zion Susanno and Beth Sillince

Meet the crew: Zion Susanno and Beth Sillince

How do you get a job filming and flying at the PWC? We meet new Paragliding World Cup reporting duo Zion Susanno and Beth Sillince

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ALPS – A Little Paragliding Story by Tim Alongi

Join Clément Cruciani and Tim Alongi fly a six day vol-bivouac paragliding journey from Lake Annecy east, through some classic Alpine terrain.

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Patrick Von Känel and his father

The Naked Pilots: Family Von Känel

X-Alps pilot Patrick von Känel and his dad Fritz are from Frutigen in Switzerland. We asked them both about their flying lives

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Skills and learning

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Théo de Blic Spiral Tutorial

Théo de Blic’s Spiral Dive Tutorial

Want to know how to spiral dive like a pro? Théo de Blic and Nova have released a 27-minute spiral dive masterclass.

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How to read the clouds

Seb Benz on how to read the clouds

Seb Benz explains what to look for when looking at cumulus clouds. How can paraglider and hang glider pilots read clouds – and get it right?

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How to take killer selfies in the air

Taking photos and capturing footage while paragliding is an art. Reto Reiser explains how to get those killer shots in the air

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AirDesign Le Slip

Le Slip Lightweight Harness Review

At just 220g when you put it on it’s like there’s nothing there – hence the name, says Marcus King

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Gin Genie Lite 3

Gin Genie Lite 3 review (pod harness)

The goal with the Genie Lite 3 was to make a ‘compact and comfortable’ XC harness that is accessible and easy to fly. Seb Ospina finds out if it delivers.

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Skyman Crossalps 2

Skyman CrossAlps 2 review (EN C)

Marcus King flies the CrossAlps 2, which is being pitched by Skyman as “one of the most powerful and honest gliders in the C class.”

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