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PWC 2021 Gemona Task 2

PWC 2021 Gemona: French win top five places!

Baptiste Lambert won task 2 of the PWC 2021 in Gemona, Italy, ahead of Victor Boudet. Seiko Fukuoka-Naville was first placed woman

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Red Bull X-Alps 2021

Red Bull X-Alps 2021: Day 2 roundup

Day 2 of the Red Bull X-Alps was hot and hazy, but thankfully flyable. Much progress was made and Chrigel was back in first position by bed time!

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Tanguy Renaud-Goud

Tanguy Renaud-Goud: 13,390m in one day!

Tanguy Renaud-Goud hiked up and flew down a cumulative 13,390m of vertical elevation on 15 June 2021, a hike-and-fly record

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Latest issue

Cross Country 221 (July 2021)

From classic Annecy with Charles Cazaux to vol-biv around the LA Basin with California’s Three Amigos, the latest issue is out now. The wind is on…

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Using flight instruments

Using technology when it matters

Kelly Farina unravels some of the features on modern flight instruments, and explains how to use them to help us fly further or faster

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John Silvester at his Brynteg home, North Wales.

A little closer to the soul of John Silvester

In this archive article from 2008 Hugh Miller interviews the legendary John Silvester as he prepares to head to the Karakoram

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Flow by Gavin McClurg

Video: Flow by Gavin McClurg

Flow is a state of mind where you become completely immersed in whatever you are doing. Time evaporates, confidence soars

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Skills and learning

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‘Stall it out!’ – Cravat analysis with Malin Lobb

SIV instructor and Cross Country columnist Malin Lobb goes deep into the analysis of recovery from a 40% cravat and auto-rotation on a Zeno

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Paragliding a quick guide for beginners and new paraglider pilots

Paragliding: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Paragliding: A Quick Guide is a new download from Cross Country Magazine aimed at absolute beginners and new paraglider pilots.

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Paraglider in cloud

Managing your bandwidth

Paragliding instructor Malin Lobb looks at how a pilot’s mental bandwidth affects their performance in flight, and how we can work on increasing it

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Sky Zoe

Sky Zoe review (mini wing)

With an aspect ratio of only 4.2 and just 27 cells, Sky’s Zoe mini wing is compact and fun in the air. It is available in standard and lightweight versions

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Gin Yeti 5

Gin Yeti 5 review (mountain paraglider)

Marcus King gets into the mountains with the Gin Yeti 5, a safe and easy-to-fly mountain wing suitable for all levels of pilot

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Air3 flight instrument

Air3 review (Flight instrument)

Marcus King tries the Air3, an Android tablet that is a full-spec flight instrument running XCTrack Pro

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