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‘Thermalling bible’ republished in new edition

Thermal Flying, one of the world’s best-selling textbooks for paraglider and hang glider pilots, has been revised, updated and republished

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Cross Country Magazine summer prize draw 2021

Prize Draw July 2021: Who won the wing?

Congratulations to Olivier Berthelet from France who has won a brand new paraglider in the Cross Country Subscribers’ Summer Prize Draw 2021!

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Josh Cohn wins US Paragliding Open 2021

Josh Cohn squeaked a win at the US Paragliding Nationals 2021 in Chelan last week. The veteran comp pilot was just five points ahead of Matt Henzi

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Latest issue

Cross Country 222 (August 2021)

On glide with Jonathan Marin and at home in the mountains with John Silvester, the latest issue takes wing and flies

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Patrick Von Känel and his father

The Naked Pilots: Family Von Känel

X-Alps pilot Patrick von Känel and his dad Fritz are from Frutigen in Switzerland. We asked them both about their flying lives

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Using flight instruments

Using technology when it matters

Kelly Farina unravels some of the features on modern flight instruments, and explains how to use them to help us fly further or faster

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John Silvester at his Brynteg home, North Wales.

A little closer to the soul of John Silvester

In this archive article from 2008 Hugh Miller interviews the legendary John Silvester as he prepares to head to the Karakoram

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Skills and learning

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How to take killer selfies in the air

Taking photos and capturing footage while paragliding is an art. Reto Reiser explains how to get those killer shots in the air

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Five tips for flying windy thermals

Learning how to thermal? Keep falling out of them? Here are five things you need to know about flying thermals in the wind.

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Wingovers: deceptively simple!

“The secret to the perfect wingover is to be able to manage correctly the movement of the glider in all three axes: pitch, roll and yaw”. Bruce Goldsmith shares his tips on how to get your wingovers right.

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Gin Vantage 3

Gin Vantage 3 review (DGAC)

Lawrie Noctor gets to grips with the Gin Vantage 3, a PPG and free-flight paraglider aimed at new pilots and above

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BGD Base 2

BGD Base 2 review (EN B)

Marcus King flies BGD’s new high-B paraglider, the Base 2. It’s an easy-to-use package perfect for big days out

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Sky Zoe

Sky Zoe review (mini wing)

With an aspect ratio of only 4.2 and just 27 cells, Sky’s Zoe mini wing is compact and fun in the air. It is available in standard and lightweight versions

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