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Nirvana Rodeo Blue Line

Nirvana Rodeo Blue Line paramotor

The Blue Line is Nirvana’s “new improved” Rodeo, a paramotor for schools and beginners through to seasoned adventurers

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Supair Sora 2 Pro

Supair release Sora 2 Plus tandem

Supair have released the new Sora 2 Plus tandem in 38m² and 42m² sizes. Among the changes are new extra-strong line attachment points

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Skyman Running Edmund

Skyman Running Edmund: single-skin

Skyman’s 14m² Running Edmund is a single-surface paraglider that weighs just 1.25kg. It’s made for Alpine races and extreme mountaineering

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Cross Country 217 (Feb/Mar 2021)

Cross Country 217 (Feb/Mar 2021) comes bundled with the 100-page Cross Country International Gear Guide 2021 – free for all subscribers

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The Four SIV Fundamentals

Flyeo instructor Malin Lobb talks about the four fundamental SIV skills that allow paraglider pilots to deal with any situation

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Philipp Medius at work

Philipp Medicus on designing EN A+ paragliders

We talked to Nova designer Philipp Medicus about designing EN A+ paragliders, wings to take pilots from first training days to first XCs

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Cross Country Magazine Gear Guide 2021

Cross Country Gear Guide 2021

Cross Country’s new Gear Guide is an in-depth look at the huge variety of paragliding and paramotoring equipment that is out there on the market.

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Skills and learning

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Sunset paragliding

Down Season: How to keep learning in winter

Greg Hamerton has some advice for paraglider pilots on how to keep learning during the winter season

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Pumping a Seed

Paragliding techniques: How to Pump

Pumping a paraglider’s brakes used to be advised against, but Bruce Goldsmith explains why it has its place as an advanced technique for modern paragliders

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Ozone Zeno

First Time Two-Line

Thinking about stepping up to a two-liner? Paragliding and SIV instructor Malin Lobb has some advice

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XC Tracer Maxx

XC Tracer Maxx review

The updated XCTracer has a big new screen. Marcus King looks at what’s behind it

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Gin Calypso

Gin Calypso review (EN B)

Charlie King flies the Gin Calypso, a lightweight EN-B all-rounder aimed at progressing intermediate pilots

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Neo Bikini

Neo Bikini review (tandem harness)

Pro tandem pilot Seb Ospina reviewed Neo’s Bikini harness, describing it as well thought-through with a clear focus on safety and comfort

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