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Gradient Gliders halt production

Gradient Gliders have stopped taking orders for new paragliders, and production has stopped at their factory in Czech Republic

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Supair Sora 2

Supair publish report into Sora 2 failures

Supair have published a nine-page report into why they think line tabs on the Sora 2 tandem paragliders broke last year

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Triple Seven Rook 3

Triple Seven Rook 3 (high EN-B)

Triple Seven’s much anticipated high EN-B, the Rook 3, is certified and available to order in MS (80-95kg). Three more sizes are due to follow shortly

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Cross Country 207 (Feb/Mar 2020)

In the Northern Hemisphere, at least, midwinter has passed, the days are getting longer and the sun – slowly – is pushing ever higher in the sky. But wherever you are, the dawn of 2020 means news plans, new adventures and new goals – and there’s no better place to start dreaming than here, with the latest issue of the world’s best international free flying magazine.

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AirDesign SuSi

AirDesign Susi 3 Mini Review

It’s light and right for a hike-and-fly, says Ed Ewing

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SeeYou Cloud

SeeYou Cloud Review

Marcus King tries out this online flight planner and review tool

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AirDesign Vivo

AirDesign Vivo Review (EN B)

“Absolute simplicity on launch.” Charlie King flies the new low-B from AirDesign

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January / February
Classic sky in Castejon. Photo: Flor Martínez Villada

Guide to Castejon de Sos, Spain

Castejon de Sos is in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees. You can fly here all year

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Miraflores, Lima, Peru. Photo: Thomas Schwarzer

City Slickers: Lima

In a pleasant grassy city cliff-top park in the Miraflores suburb of Lima, is a paraglider launch. This is true urban flying!

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Morocco is perfect for a winter getaway. Photo: Melanie Boisselier

Guide to Nid d’Aigle, Morocco

Enjoy some winter sunshine and easy sea-breeze soaring in the exotic setting of southern Morocco

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