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Kiwi Johnston: Accident report released

An investigation into the fatal accident of James Kiwi Johnston, a longtime friend and writer here at Cross Country magazine, has been concluded.

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Niviuk Makan

Niviuk Makan paraglider harness

Niviuk have released a new “light, safe and comfortable” paraglider harness for new pilots. The Makan is ideal for training and post-school progression

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Sky Walking

Sky Walking: J B Chandelier joins Skywalk

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier has joined Skywalk. Sky Walking is the first film to come from the partnership, but JB will be involved in paraglider design too

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Latest issue

Cross Country 216 (Dec/Jan 2021)

From flying volcanoes in Guatemala to chasing dragons in Brazil, the December/January issue is out now. Here’s what’s in Cross Country 216

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Rafael Saladini's world record grin. Photo: Rafael Saladini

Interview with a master: Rafael Saladini

Rafael Saladini explains what it takes to be a world class, world-record setting paraglider pilot. And it’s not just about pushing the bar…

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Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide released

Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide has been officially released. It is aimed at new paraglider pilots and those learning to fly

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501km smile

Lone Star Cowboy: 501km in Texas

Sebastien Kayrouz hit the bullseye on 7 June 2020, flying 501km through Texas for the first 500km paraglider flight in the United States of America

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Skills and learning

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Ozone Zeno

First Time Two-Line

Thinking about stepping up to a two-liner? Paragliding and SIV instructor Malin Lobb has some advice

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Getting up close and personal with the clouds. Photo: Jerome Maupoint

Lockdown learning: Backyard Meteorology

Stuck in lockdown, Tarquin Cooper put his time to good use with a free online meteorology course. But was it any good?

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how to deal with shoulder pain

Paragliding Tips: How to deal with shoulder pain

Physiotherapist Toby Clifford investigates a common complaint among hang glider and paraglider pilots and suggests some solutions

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Icaro Gravis 2

Icaro Gravis 2 review (EN B)

New materials, new designer, new wing. Marcus King flies Icaro Paragliders’ Gravis 2, a colourful and characterful mid-B

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AD Rise 4

AirDesign Rise 4 review (EN B)

Ed Ewing jumps onboard the soul train with AirDesign’s new high EN-B Rise 4. “They call it the #thermalmonkey for a reason – this glider can climb!”

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Skywalk Cayenne 6

Skywalk Cayenne 6 review (EN C)

Skywalk have outperformed themselves with their new EN-C sports class paraglider, said Erwin Voogt when he tested the new Cayenne 6

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