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Bogdan Baikal's 275km paragliding record

Bogdan Bialka flies 275km in Ireland

Bogdan Bialka flew more than 275km along the length of Ireland on Thursday 15 April in booming springtime conditions

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PG Worlds 2021 heads to Argentina in November

May’s postponed FAI Paragliding World Championships 2021 will now take place in Argentina in November

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Red Bull X-Alps 2021. Photo: Harald Tauderer/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull X-Alps 2021: ‘Elite event’ status sort

The Red Bull X-Alps is trying to get itself recognised as an elite sporting event so it can go ahead as planned

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Latest issue

Cross Country 219 (May 2021)

Michi Maurer surfs the power of nature on the cover of the May issue of Cross Country Magazine. It’s springtime in the Alps – time to get out there and fly!

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Inside Little Cloud video

Video: Inside Little Cloud 2021

Little Cloud’s new home movie captures the spirit of this French paragliding company in eight minutes. Go inside with Imbaud Verhaegen and Jean De Biolley.

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Video: ‘It gave me a lot of peace, being up in the air’

“It gave me a lot of peace, being up in the air.” We fell in love with this five-minute short film from pro filmmaker Ryan Larraman this week.

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Nova Xenon

Nova Xenon – Building a wing for the X-Alps

The Xenon is Nova’s 2021 Red Bull X-Alps wing, and their first ever two-liner. Watch as the design team work all-out to complete it before the deadline

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Skills and learning

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Are you feeling it? The science of motivation

Motivation is the reason people do what they do – and in flying understanding and optimising your motivation can lead to big gains

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Thermalling at the Swiss Paragliding Open 2020. Photo: Andy Busslinger

How to thermal better

To learn to fly faster, paraglider pilots need to learn to maximise their climbing speed. Mads Syndegaard shares some tips

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paraglider collapse

How to react when your glider collapses

Bruce Goldsmith on how you can train yourself to react the right way – and not over-react – when you get hit by a collapse

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BGD Base 2

Video: First look at the BGD Base 2

The Base 2 is BGD’s new high-EN B cross-country paraglider, replacing the Punk in their range. Marcus King test-flew it in the South of France

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Way Gliders Ruby

Video: First Look at the Way Gliders Ruby

Marcus King flew the Way Gliders’ EN B+ Ruby, their first cross-country wing, in the south of France. This is his First-Look video

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Little Cloud Urubu

Little Cloud Urubu review

Marcus King flies Little Cloud’s lightweight sports class Urubu, “a wing that gives you the feel and control to keep safe”

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