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Scout pod harness

Scout pod harness with ‘optional climb assist’

Scout have designed a pod harness with an “optional climb-assist” motor for “the unlucky pilots who live in the flatlands”

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Federico Baratto dies in Bassano tandem HG accident

Federico Baratto, an Italian hang gliding champion and professional tandem hang glider pilot has died in a tragic accident in the Italian Alps

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Apco Vista V

Apco release new Vista V, EN B XC wing

The Vista V is Apco’s new EN-B cross-country paraglider. It’s based on the Vista IV and suitable for newcomers to the B-class

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Latest issue

Cross Country 220 (June 2021)

‘Summertime and the living is easy…’ Jerome Maupoint swings into action above the coastal cliffs of Normandy on the cover of Cross Country 220 – it’s sunshine, sea and a wind that never stops blowing!

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Flow by Gavin McClurg

Video: Flow by Gavin McClurg

Flow is a state of mind where you become completely immersed in whatever you are doing. Time evaporates, confidence soars

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Will Gadd paragliding

Will Gadd on How to Manage Risk

Will Gadd, one of the world’s leading adventure sports athletes and a paragliding great, breaks down risk into three simple elements

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Inside Little Cloud video

Video: Inside Little Cloud 2021

Little Cloud’s new home movie captures the spirit of this French paragliding company in eight minutes. Go inside with Imbaud Verhaegen and Jean De Biolley.

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Skills and learning

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Paragliding a quick guide for beginners and new paraglider pilots

Paragliding: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Paragliding: A Quick Guide is a new download from Cross Country Magazine aimed at absolute beginners and new paraglider pilots.

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Paraglider in cloud

Managing your bandwidth

Paragliding instructor Malin Lobb looks at how a pilot’s mental bandwidth affects their performance in flight, and how we can work on increasing it

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Vol-bivouac adventure

Flying off the map: The mini guide to adventure flying

You need more than a Swiss Army knife to head off into the unknown. Bruce Goldsmith offers this advice for pilots looking to add some adventure to their flying

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Flymaster GPS LS

Flymaster GPS LS Review

Charlie King tries out the Flymaster GPS LS, a light and simple flight instrument for new and intermediate pilots

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Woody Valley GTO Light 2

Woody Valley GTO Light 2 review

Woody Valley’s GTO Light 2 is more of an evolution than a revolution, but it brings some welcome extras to the original design, says Marcus King

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UP Kangri

UP Kangri review (EN B)

The Kangri is an EN-B with an aspect ratio of 6.3. It looks racy on paper, but in the air it flies just as a sporty B should, says Brian Steele

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