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Digifly AirHG

Digifly AirHG instrument for hang gliders

The hang glider-specific AirHG is Digifly’s latest high-spec flight instrument. It is built into an aerodynamic base-bar mounted monocoque pod

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Polini Thor 202

Polini Thor 202 paramotor engine

Polini have recently released the Thor 202, their new light and powerful liquid-cooled 205cc two-stroke paramotor engine

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Dudek Driftair

Dudek Driftair slalom PPG wing

New from Dudek is the “fast and fun” Driftair slalom and freestyle PPG wing. It’s for experienced recreation pilots and suitable for first competitions

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Latest issue

Cross Country 211 (July 2020)

After weeks spent grounded looking up at the sky, we’ve been back in the air – making the most of every magical moment

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Ben Abruzzo Shoulder strengthening for paragliding

How to improve your shoulder strength for paragliding

Personal trainer Ben Abruzzo shows us how to improve your shoulder strength for paragliding and free flight

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Will Gadd soaring a paragliding in Ireland. Photo: John Price / Red Bull Content Pool

Cross Country 211: July 2020

After weeks spent grounded we’ve been back in the air, making the most of every moment. Here’s what’s inside Cross Country 211

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Paramotor the Americas

Watch: Paramotor the Americas trailer

Paramotor the Americas, the film of Glenn Tupper and Matt Minyard’s 2013 adventure from Texas to Argentina, is nearing completion, and this is the trailer

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Skills and learning

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Jocky Sanderson. Photo: Marcus King

Jocky Sanderson’s new YouTube channel

Paragliding SIV guru Jocky Sanderson has launched a new YouTube channel, featuring many of his clips from his famous training videos

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Cross Country interviews: Russ Ogden, Ozone test pilot

Join paragliding world number 1 (and paragliding legend!) Russell Ogden for a unique online coaching session

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Magic Air

Just let your mind fly

“Unconscious decision-making is not hocus pocus, but it requires time”. Hugh Miller explores unconscious decision-making in flying

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Apco F1

Apco F1 review (DGAC)

The Fast One from Apco Aviation is designed to be fast – but how fast is it? Lawrie Noctor hops aboard and opens the throttle

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Flyfat Gummfluh review (EN B)

Charlie King test-flew the Gummfluh, Swiss brand Flyfat’s lightweight EN B. It’s a candy-striped wing with a caped cow logo, full of joie de vivre

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BGD Cure 2 review (EN C)

60km/h is a big claim for an EN-C paraglider. Erwin Voogt takes the BGD Cure 2 flying, speed probe at the ready, to find out for himself

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