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Gin Pegasus 3

Gin Pegasus 3: entry-level paramotor wing

Gin have released a new entry-level wing for paramotoring: The Pegasus 3 is DGAC approved in four sizes, and also has EN-A certification for free flight

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Gin Genie Lite3 rescue deck safety notice

Safety notice: Gin Genie Lite 3 Rescue Deck

Gin have issued a safety notice concerning the Genie Lite 3 rescue deck. Some units have faulty zippers, which could make reserve extraction difficult

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AirDesign UFO

“Beam me up”: AirDesign’s new UFO

AirDesign have unveiled a brand new version of their single-surface paraglider, the UFO. They say it’s simple, safe and light, with EN-B certification  

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Latest issue

Cross Country 218 (April 2021)

Inspired by one of the natural world’s most incredible migrations, Benjamin Jordan tells the story of his mammoth 150-day vol-biv across the USA

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One Careful Owner: quick guide to small-ad speak

There are deals to be had when it comes to secondhand kit, but buyer beware: Here’s our light-hearted guide to paragliding small-ad talk

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Horacio Llorens of Spain poses for a portrait during The Breaking Pointe project at The Pointe in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on January 16, 2021. Photo: Naim Chidiac/Red Bull Content Pool

The Breaking Pointe: Paramotoring the world’s biggest fountain in Dubai

Horacio Llorens and Rafael Goberna fly the “the world’s largest fountain” at the Palm in Dubai in this 12-minute paramotoring trip.

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Exploring New Zealand’s North Coast by paraglider

Join Dave and Maddey as they explore the remote north coast between Pouto Point and Ahipara by paraglider, paddle board and sandboard

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Skills and learning

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paraglider collapse

How to keep cool and calm when your glider collapses

Bruce Goldsmith on how you can train yourself to react the right way – and not over-react – when you get hit by a collapse

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Ozone McDaddy coastal soaring

How to soar the coast like a pro

There’s more going on at the coast than you might think. Honza Rejmanek kites into the lift at his local cliff to explain

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Podcast: When should you step up a wing class?

Greg Hamerton answers that big question: When should you step up? When is the right time to fly a higher class of paraglider?

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Woody Valley GTO Light 2

First Look at the Woody Valley GTO Light 2

The GTO Light 2 from Woody Valley is definitely more of an evolution than a revolution, but it brings some welcome extras to the original design

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Apco Hybrid Tandem Review (EN B / DGAC)

The innovative Apco Hybrid has been supersized to a tandem. Marcus and Charlie King tried it out

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XC Tracer Maxx

XC Tracer Maxx review

The updated XCTracer has a big new screen. Marcus King looks at what’s behind it

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