Cross Country Masterclasses are a series of coaching webinars. They’re designed to improve your flying, whatever level you’re at.

After the live online sessions we post highlights, clips and occasional full-length recordings here on this page.

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Most recently, Honorin Hamard gave us a detailed insight into competition flying – Whether you wanted to know what position to be in at the start of the race (it’s not being right at the top and front, by the way), or what to do in the final race to the ESS, if you wanted to know how often and how to trim and tune your wing, how to set your vario up, when to use rear riser control instead of brakes when thermalling, and much more, it was all in there!

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Competition Flying with Honorin Hamard

Adventure flying with Tom De Dorlodot


Soaring forecasting masterclass with matthew Scutter


Malin Lobb returns with a second masterclass on dealing with incidents in flight


Active Flying and SIV with Malin Lobb


‘How to fly 100km’ with Bill Belcourt


Secrets of a paragliding world champion – with Russell Ogden


‘How we flew a 300km triangle world record’


Antoine Girard: Flying Broad Peak at 8,400m


François Ragolski: Combo Flying in the Karakoram


Thomas Theurillat: How to set goals that work


Chrigel Maurer: The road to the X-Alps 2021


Maxime Pinot: How to Fly XC like a pro


Kelly Farina: Learning to fly XC


Chrigel Maurer and Thomas Theurillat: Preparing for the Red Bull X-Alps


Honza Rejmanek: Weather for Pilots


Russell Ogden: Climbing Better


Chrigel Maurer: Lessons from the X-Alps


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