Data policy

European legislation announced in May 2018 is designed to give everyone more understanding and control of their personal data.

Here is an explanation of how we at Cross Country International Ltd collect data and manage it as part of the business: what we keep, what we share and what we don’t.

In brief, as part of our business we collect customer data in four ways:

Magazine Subscriptions
There are several ways readers sign up to read Cross Country Magazine, which is a subscription-only magazine available digitally and in print.

Whether over the phone or through the website, when you subscribe directly with us we collect and keep your name, address, email address and phone number.

An individual account is set up in your name, which can you access any time through the login page at www.cross-country-int.com/subs/index.php/site/login. There you can see your details and manage your account. The system keeps track of when you started your subscription and when it has lapsed or re-started.

We retain your name and contact details on file so we can send you the magazine and any letters. For example, if your subscription lapses we might send you a letter encouraging you to resubscribe.

We keep a record of payment for seven years as is required under tax law, but we do not keep or store your credit or debit card details. All card payments are managed through PayPal or WorldPay – subscribers who sign up this way are re-directed to these external sites.

We share name and address details with Mail Options (www.mailoptions.co.uk), which is the company that manages the delivery of the print magazine.

We share names and email addresses with Zinio.com, which is the company that manages the distribution of the digital magazine.

We do not and never have sold, traded or given away customer details to third parties, and we never will.

Zinio Subscriptions: Readers can subscribe to or buy Cross Country Magazine directly through Zinio.com. In this case Zinio do not share that customer’s data with us. If a reader subscribes directly through Zinio, then we do not hold any data on them.

XC Shop
XC Shop is an online retailer with a physical base and stock room in England. It is run through the website at www.xcmag.com/shop

When an order is placed through the website we collect the customer’s name, address, email address and phone number. This is so we can deliver the package correctly. We share that information with our delivery service, which includes the UK’s Royal Mail and other courier services.

We don’t use the XC Shop data for marketing purposes – email addresses entered through XC Shop do not end up on our marketing email list, for example.

The system also logs the customer’s IP Address, any referring site (for example, ‘google.com’) including affiliates, the product name and the value of the transaction.

The system does not store credit or debit card details or PayPal payment details. All payments through the website are handled through PayPal or WorldPay.

Where a customer rings up and uses a card to pay over the phone, we take payment, record the transaction and then delete any payment card details.

We do not and never have sold, traded or given away XC Shop customer details to third parties unrelated to our business, and we never will.

Email Newsletter
We run an opt-in email newsletter, which includes marketing materials as well as news. For example, we might use it to send out news about the results of the latest Paragliding World Championships, but we also use it to send out information about each new issue of the magazine or new book releases.

The email addresses on our list come from our current and former magazine subscribers, including Cross Country Magazine, Paramotor Magazine and Paraglider Magazine, and from a sign-up box on the website www.xcmag.com.

We use MailChimp and ActiveCampaign,  third-party email newsletter management companies, to run our email newsletters. Subscribers to the newsletter can opt-out easily using the opt-out button at the bottom of the newsletter.

Any subscriber who opts-out is deleted and no record is kept.

We do not, never have and never will sell or share our email list with third parties.

SkyAds.aero was a classifieds website. To use it users had to create an account and pay a small fee, which was donated to charity.

The website stored the user account information, which included email address and any social media accounts the user added. It also stored the adverts the user had posted. When adverts went out of date they were removed from the visible end of the website but they remained on the system as ‘draft’. They could be deleted by the user through their user account, in which case the advert was permanently deleted. If a user deleted their account it was permanently deleted and no record was kept.

Any payment was managed by PayPal. For tax purposes we retain details that the payment was made for seven years.

We do not and never have sold, traded or given away SkyAds customer details to third parties, and we never will. We do not scrape or harvest the email information for use in our own marketing. SkyAds has been discontinued.

Social Media
Cross Country has social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. As part of our business we sometimes use targeted advertising and ‘promoted posts’ on Facebook to direct promotional content at the friends and fans of the faceboook.com/xcmag page. An individual’s privacy controls and opt-ins for this are all managed through their own individual social media accounts.

We use anonymous cookies – small bits of tracking data – across all our websites to allow Google Analytics, ActiveCampaign and the websites to function correctly. Users can refuse to accept cookies and can control them through their web browser.

Your Rights
Under the law you can ask to see the data we hold on you any time, for free. Please get in touch with us at GDPR@xcmag.com with your full name, address and your email address and we will send you the data within 30 days.

Our Commitment
We are committed to respecting and protecting our users’ and subscribers’ data. If you feel your data has been compromised at all, please get in touch at GDPR@xcmag.com and we will do all we can to help.

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