How To Contribute

John Dickenson

Cross Country is a reader-supported publication. That means we want the pilot community to tell us about what is going on. Here’s how you can contribute:

What subjects do you cover?

Got a press release?

Got a competition report?

Remember to tell us:

Send high resolution jpgs or RAW files – and tell us who is in them, and who took them. Please don’t photoshop them. Please only send us your top 10.

Got a feature idea or been away and want to write about it?

Got content you’d like us to share on social media? 

I’m a photographer and have a great set of images. How do I send them to you?

Confused about digital resolution?

There are lots of tutorials online. The key is to understand that we need images that work in print as well as digital. You can’t take a low-resolution screengrab from GoPro footage or a 1mb Instagram image and turn it into a high quality image that can be used as a Gallery shot or on the cover. Please send us high resolution photos where possible, thanks.

Want to review gliders for us?

Content marketing



We publish eight issues a year. When your article is accepted we will let you know which issue it will appear in.

Do we pay for articles and photos?

How long should my article be?

What’s the secret of getting published in Cross Country magazine?

I’d like to write a book about flying and am looking for advice – are you interested in publishing it?

We’d love to hear from you, yes. But books are easy to start, hard to finish. They take a lot of personal discipline. The thing to do if you are serious is to know where you are heading and to have a map. The best map is a Chapter Plan. This is literally a plan of the chapters – a chapter title and a few lines of text or bulletpoints explaining what you want to cover and why.

Put an estimated wordcount against each topic. You are aiming for at least 55,000-60,000 words for a book.

As well, on a separate page, describe in a few paragraphs exactly what this book is about, and why you are writing it. Explain how it will be illustrated. Write down who it is for, who is your audience? Also say why you are the best person to write it. Then look around and see if anyone else has done anything similar.

Work on a chapter plan for a week. Put it aside for a week or two. Come back to it and work on it again. It’s the key! It’s like making sure your walls are dry and clean of dust before painting – it’s actually one of the most important parts. It makes you think and it makes you get organised. If you don’t get anywhere with your chapter plan the chances are you don’t have an idea worth a book. But if you can write a good chapter plan, you can do a book!

If you have done the above and you are convinced your idea stands up, get in touch with us at editor@xcmag.com and pitch!

Many thanks for dropping by – we hope to see you in the magazine soon.


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