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Gradient Go

Gradient GO: EN A school wing

Gradient say their new EN-A school paraglider, the GO, has excellent passive safety and scores very highly on their Zen scoreboard! 

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Sky Gaia 2

Sky Gaia 2: EN-A beginners’ paraglider

Sky have released the Gaia 2, an EN-A wing for paragliding schools and new pilots. They say it’s safe, intuitive, fun and affordable

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Niviuk Peak 5

Niviuk Peak 5: EN-D 2-liner

Niviuk have released the Peak 5, their high-performance EN-D two-liner for experienced cross-country and competition pilots

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Cross Country 207 (Feb/Mar 2020)

In the Northern Hemisphere, at least, midwinter has passed, the days are getting longer and the sun – slowly – is pushing ever higher in the sky. But wherever you are, the dawn of 2020 means news plans, new adventures and new goals – and there’s no better place to start dreaming than here, with the latest issue of the world’s best international free flying magazine.

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Skyman Sir Edmund Race

Skyman Sir Edmund Race Review (EN B)

Single-skins go high performance. Marcus King flies this racy ultra-lightweight hike-and-fly wing 

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Max Berger paragliding from K2 in July 2019

High altitude: Seventeen minutes on K2

High-altitude mountaineer Max Berger flew from 8,000m on K2 in July 2019. His friend Adi Geisegger tells the story

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Phi Maestro (EN B)

Phi Maestro Review (EN B)

Legendary designer Hannes Papesh has finally unveiled his new high EN B. Marcus King grabs it and runs

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January / February
Drop in on a billionaire for tea. Photo: Fredrik Gustafsson

Guide to Roquebrune, Monaco

Soar above the Mediterranean villas of the super-rich – flying is allowed from Roquebrune between October and April

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Paragliding Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, USA

Rising out of the heart of downtown Aspen, Aspen Mountain (Ajax) is a popular tandem paragliding location for outdoor lovers and skiers

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Guide to Manteigas, Portugal

Manteigas is the best XC site in Portugal – you can fly from here all the way to Spain!

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