Soaring above the clouds to rediscover the spirit of free-flight in the French Alps: Photo: Adi Geisegger
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Cross Country 225: November 2021

Monday 11 October, 2021

Cross Country Magazine Issue 225Autumn cloud fills the valley as hike-and-fly pilots fly from the summit of the Dent de Crolles at the Coupe Icare in the Alps. We cover that and more in the November 2021 issue.



Veso Ovcharov

More than 20,000 pilots entered their flights into the 2020 XContest – and Veso Ovcharov came out top. We check out who won what.

Naked: Pilot: Egor Posokhin

We meet Egor Posokhin, a former miner from Siberia who is Russia’s new (and first) acro champion.

Review: Advance Sigma 11

Advance’s new Sigma 11 (EN C) has been redesigned to give it added character and make it more fun to fly. Brian Steele flies one 100km out-and-return through the Alps to find out what it’s like

Insider's Guide: Canungra

It’s competition season in Canungra, but these sites in Australia work all year round. Local pilot Allen Weinberg gives us the inside track on how to fly here.


Soaring is one of the first skills we learn as new pilots. But as Burkhard Martens explains, from playing on the sand dunes at the coast to climbing out above the cloud tops, this most basic skill can truly take us places.

How to be a wrecking ball

Paraglider pilot and strength and endurance coach Ben Abruzzo on how stay fit-to-fly even when the pressure is on.

Honza Rejmanek tandem in Switzerland

Resident weather guru Honza Rejmanek compares real-world nowcasting with online weather apps on a vol-bivouac adventure through Switzerland.

Wolfgang Siess flying in Mexico

After nearly 50 years in California Wills Wing is heading south – to Valle de Bravo in Mexico. New partners Steve Pearson, Rudy Gotes and Jessica Koerner tell us why and what it means for hang glider pilots everywhere.

Felix Wölk in Secret Italy

Lockdown didn’t have to mean locked in. Photographer Felix Wölk spent his exploring the local mountains with walking distance of his home in the Piave Valley in the southern Dolomites.

All smiles at the Coupe Icare

The Chartreuse-fuelled free-flight fair north of Grenoble was smaller this year but just as much fun. We round up the news and showcase the highlights.

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