Cross Country Magazine issue 225 (November 2021)


Cross Country 225 (November 2021)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 225 (November 2021):

  • Naked Pilot – ‘There’s nothing around for 1,000km.’ Egor Posokhin on growing up in Siberia
  • Insider’s Guide – ‘It’s flyable all year round.’ Allen Weynberg reveals the joys of Queensland’s classic site Canungra
  • Tip-to-Tip – Dan Jones flew the length of Britain in August to raise money for Alzheimer’s research
  • The Art of Soaring – Soaring is one of the first skills we learn.Burkhard Martens explains why it’s so important
  • Mexico Rising – After nearly 50 years in California, Wills Wing are moving to Mexico. We find out why
  • Secret Italy – Lockdown didn’t have to mean locked-in. Felix Wölk spent his exploring the southern Dolomites
  • Coupe Icare 2021 – The free-flight festival north of Grenoble was smaller this year but just as fun. Ed Ewing reports
  • Advance Sigma 11 – Brian Steele gets to grips with the latest update to this classic EN-C Sports class glider

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