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Cross Country 236: Dec 2022 / Jan 2023

Monday 21 November, 2022

Cross Country Magazine issue 236

Patrick von Känel banks it up during a sunset session in Red Rocks, Utah on the cover of Cross Country 236. Photographed by pro action-sports photographer Ben Horton, it captures a moment of pure serenity as golden light floods the valley. Stop, breathe, take time to take it all in – the reason we fly is for moments like these.



Here’s what’s else is in the magazine:

Ozone Submarine

“Each detail is small, but they all add up.” Top of the stack this issue is our in-depth and exclusive feature on Ozone’s new Submarine harness. Jack Peak talks to designer Luc Armant about the science behind this revolutionary new design.

CFD in paragliders

Also taking a deep dive into technology this issue is Bastienne Wentzel. She talks to designers from Nova, BGD and Niviuk about how design software is leading to better and safer wings and harnesses.

PWC Asian Tour

Making best use of all that new technology is Martin Jovanoski. The Gin Boomerang 12 pilot who flew his way to the top of the PWCA and PWCA Asian Cup podiums in South Korea recently. The PWCA Asian Tour was re-launched in October – we take a look at what that means for competition in the region.

Redbull X-Alps rookies

We also round up all the Rookies for the next edition of the Red Bull X-Alps. “There are two distinct new generations,” says our race reporter.

Redbull X-Alps pilot

And in this personal letter to those very same rookies, X-Alps veteran Gavin McClurg sets out exactly what’s in store for them – and has some advice for the journey ahead.

Naked Pilot – Jess Love

Jessica Love gave up hair dressing in LA for life as a pro tandem pilot in Nepal. She tells us how flying changed her life and why she’s now looking for volunteers to help her in her PhD in sports psychology.


Greg Hamerton continues his must-read column on paragliding “basics”. But there’s nothing basic about launching in a cross-wind. He explains how to do it and what to expect.

Sunset flying

Pilots in Europe are heading towards winter, those in Australia are enjoying spring. But what makes the seasons anyway? And what effect does it have on our flying experience? Honza Rejmanek’s weather column has the answers – and it’s not as simple as you might think.


Learning to fly a paramotor when you’re 45 not 25 is not uncommon – but the approach you take will be a little different. Jeff Going examines mid-life learning. Photo: Matias Nombarasco.

Redrocks 2022

The fall colours blazed bright in Monroe, Utah this autumn as it hosted the Red Rocks Wide Open and the XRedRocks. Photographer Ben Horton captured the action.

Ski and Fly

Winter is coming… at least for those in the north. Brothers Daniel and Kari Eisenhut and photographer Andy Busslinger explain how to head into the mountains for a day’s heli-skiing – without the helicopter. Thermal up, top land, free ride down. Repeat.

AirDesign Volt 4

In our dedicated reviews section we fly the AirDesign Volt 4 – the first two-line EN C glider. We take it XC and put it through the SIV wringer with Malin Lobb.

Swing Nyos 2 RS

Plus we fly the new Swing Nyos 2 RS, a high EN B designed for XC pilots who want performance and security.

Flymaster GPS M

And we take a look at the the new Flymaster GPS M, an instrument designed for the XC pilot, not competition head, in mind.

Kortel Sak

Plus we review a range of lightweight rucksacks from Kortel, and round up all the latest new gear and equipment news from across the sport.

Cross Country 236 (Dec 2022 / Jan 2023) is out now.



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