Cross Country Magazine issue 224 (October 2021)


Cross Country 224 (October 2021)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 224 (October 2021):

  • Naked Pilot  – ‘I love hike-and-fly competitions.’ Claire Garnesson answers the questions
  • Mind Your Attitude – ‘That won’t happen to me.’ Phil Clark takes a look at the Five Hazardous Attitudes of Aviation
  • Extreme Weather – What do this year’s floods and forest fires have in common? They’re all ‘compound events’
  • Project 8,000m – François Ragolski and Antoine Girard reveal what they did last summer
  • Superfinal 2021 – The Superfinal was out of this world. Martin Scheel and Andy Busslinger share their best shots
  • Loreto Bay – ‘I’ve been going to Loreto since I was 10.’ Jeff Hamann tastes freedom again in Baja California
  • My Last X-Alps. Period – Gavin McClurg explains why, after four editions, it’s time for him to say goodbye to the X-Alps
  • Ozone Rush 6 – The Rush story continues. Marcus King flies this new EN-B ‘baby Delta’

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