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Ozone XXLite: Video round-up

Wednesday 28 November, 2012
Ozone's XXLite...

Ozone's XXLite...

Since it was introduced as a prototype last year Ozone’s XXLite has attracted a lot of interest. The ‘single skin’ glider has no cells and is the ultimate in lightweight gliders at only 1.3kg.

Not only is it very, very light – it also packs down to a tiny package. Ozone say it will fit in a water bottle.

Now in production Ozone have already sold more than 100 of the extremely light gliders, according to Ozone boss Mike Cavanagh.

On its website Ozone explain more about the glider: “The XXLite is one of the most unique paragliders to ever be put into production. This modern single-surface design is the absolute ultimate in ultra-lightweight flight and is probably the lightest aircraft in existence.”

One of the Cross Country team was given a single test flight on a month ago and pronounced it “remarkably normal” in feel.

With no speed system and an “unfiltered” feel the XXLite is aimed at experienced pilots who are capable of appreciating the feedback the wing gives. And although it weighs less than 1.5kg the wing is not simply a descent glider – on the day dozens of pilots top landed Mont Blanc in August Ozone team pilot Martin Bonis flew the XXLite to 5,000m and set it down on the summit.

We are hoping to arrange a proper test flight of the XXLite, but in the meantime several good video reviews of test flights have been posted online. We’ve looked through the choss so we can bring you the best.

Here goes:

Start with the official Ozone film, made a year ago. ‘Min speed: Very slow.’

Yes, he collapses it. Exactly what we all want to know. Fast forward to 2:50 (full stall), 3:50 (side collapse) and 4:14 (full frontal) to get to le action.

A gaggle of XXLite’s somewhere sunny in the Alps. Plus a jazzy piano-bar soundtrack. Tres bon.

Yes! Spirals, Wingovers and Full Stall! But then, hmmm… “interesting”.

Finally, someone who just wants to take it for a nice gentle flight around the mountains – in this case the Dolomites. With a soundtrack that makes you think Leonardo di Caprio is about to move silently and moodily into frame at any minute.

A top to bottom showing a clean take off – no overshooting – and the landing from the pilot’s point of view.

We hope to be getting our sticky mitts on this glider sometime soon and will review in a future issue of Cross Country mag.

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