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Friday 6 January, 2023

If you’re a keen pilot wanting to improve and learn in 2023, now’s the best ever time to subscribe to Cross Country!

For the price of a coffee each month, enjoy a year’s subscription to Cross Country magazine. You’ll receive ten issues through the year loaded with tips to help your flying, amazing stories from pilots around the world and reviews on the latest wings, instruments and harnesses. You’ll also be invited to six Cross Country Masterclass webinars per year.

Subscribe today, and on Sunday 29 January 2023, you might be in line to win a new wing of your choice in the Cross Country Subscribers’ Draw.

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The winner will choose a new wing of their choice from Advance, Gin, Ozone or Supair – and runners-up will be in line for some great prizes too. Runners-up prizes include a Naviter Oudie N, Supair Radical 4 Harness and a pair of Velodrom sunglasses.

Subscribe from just €3.75 per month – you can cancel anytime. Support independent flying journalism and take your flying up a notch while you’re at it.

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Cross Country Prize Draw Winter 2023

Here’s the full list of prizes…

First Prize: A new paraglider or paramotor wing of your choice from Advance, Gin, Ozone or Supair

Prime Draw Winter 2023 runner-up prizes

Second Prize: A Naviter Oudie N – the ultimate full-feature instrument

Third Prize: A Supair Radical 4 lightweight harness and removable airbag

Fourth Prize: Specialist free-flight Velodrom sunglasses

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Cross Country Magazine adventure

Timeless stories from adventurers

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Beautiful photography and the highest production values

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