Designed to grow with the pilot, an optional speed bag can be zipped on when the pilot is ready for XC
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Supair Evo Lite 2: modular harness

Thursday 14 September, 2023

Supair have unveiled the Evo Lite 2, the updated version of their modular harness. It’s an open harness with an optional speed bag, so it adapts to a pilot’s growing skills.

The Evo Lite 2 is suitable for new pilots straight from school. When they are ready to progress to a pod-style harness, the optional speed bag is very easy to attach (it was demonstrated to us in under two minutes). It’s so easy you could zip it on and off regularly, to switch from waggas to XC mode.

The Evo Lite 2 is an evolution of the original Evo Lite. It also replaces the Evo XC3, which was a heavier, more durable version. Supair say the Evo Lite 2 is as durable as the XC3, yet 300g lighter than the Evo Lite, coming in around 3.7kg in size M.

Supair Evo Lite 2 speed bag

The optional speed bag

The speed bag attaches with one all-round zip; there are then two loops to hang on the main karabiners, and two attach to the sides of the seat. All that remains is to attach the end of the speed bar to the foot of the pod.

Supair say the Evo Lite 2 has better lumbar support than the original version, and the leg strap geometry has been changed to make the harness easier to sit in and out of. Adjusting the lumbar straps allows it to be changed from a fairly upright position for flying open-style, to a more laid-back angle to fly with the speed bag.

The reserve container adapts to fit different reserves. It is poisitioned at the bottom of the rear pocket rather than below the seat, so it does not impede attachment or detachment of the speed bag, and also makes the harness easier to pack compactly.

Supair say they recognise that the price of paragliding equipment has increased a lot in the last few months, so they have actually reduced the price of the Evo Lite 2 compared to its predecessor: the RRP of the harness is €950 and the speed bag €250, including French VAT. This is a reduction of 5% and 16% compared to the original.

Supair Evo Lite 2 specs


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