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Bantam: Nova’s first mini wing

Thursday 19 September, 2019

Nova have released their first mini wing, the Bantam. The 12m size was certified in time for the Red Bull Dolomitenmann in September 2019.

The Bantam is the little brother of the Doubleskin. Nova say it’s small, light, fast and dynamic, a “bundle of power” with a decent glide. It’s optimised for handling and flaring rather than thermalling, says designer Philipp Medicus, and is ideal for para-mountaineers, hike-and-flyers or competitions such as the Dolomitenmann where travelling super-light and getting down fast are the order of the day.

The 12m² size weighs just 1.65kg which Nova say is probably the lightest certified non-single-surface wing available. 10m² and 14m² versions are to undergo certification too. Its dynamic behaviour and high wing-loading make it the domain of experienced pilots.

The 33-cell wing sports mini-ribs, Nova’s Upper Surface Vector Tape and Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping to optimise the leading edge. Nova say it has precise handling, a wide speed range and excellent flare behaviour, maximising safety for landing and launching. With some brake Nova say the aerofoil generates a lot of lift, and the Bantam can launch at very low speeds.

It has short, all-sheathed lines and is equipped with holding pins to stop it slipping on steep or snowy launches. The first production wings will be available from late autumn 2019.


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