Advance Easiness 2 review

Wednesday 28 February, 2018

THE IMPRESS 3 and Lightness 2 are seriously impressive designs, and like the Woody Valley GTO their ongoing popularity years after their release prove that quality design will trump the rush-for-the-new every time. The Easiness 2 is a reversible design with two unique selling points: its configurability and its comfort.

When you’re down to 1.47kg you’d expect some serious compromise, but in the air there are no pinch points, your legs are well supported, and crucially, if you cross your ankles, you don’t really notice the split-leg design. If you’re prepared to add a little extra weight, you can zip in a lower reserve-container and airbag, which is pre-shaped (through the use of plastic rods) to give protection from the word go. This takes total weight to 2.18kg.

Advance Easiness 2 review: split-legs harness

Reversible, split-legs lightweight harness that weighs just 2.18kg with a reserve container and airbag back protection.

I made a 2.5 hour hike up from the valley floor to launch and the rucksack design is fantastically comfortable. I tested the M size (49 litres), and around half the space was taken up with my lightweight wing – there’s plenty of room for clothes and water, as your helmet can be stored in the top netting. A drinking-tube hole and walking-pole holder complete its functionality. With water, my wing, helmet and snacks my bag weighed 8kg in ‘full comfort mode’ with the waist strap, but the ergonomics are good enough to do away with the waist strap for short hikes.

Advance Easiness 2 review: comfortable rucksack

As a rucksack it’s comfortable enough for serious hiking.

On take-off I was amazed at the size of the back pocket. Of course I shouldn’t have been : it’s 49 litres! But you could pack a fair bit of vol-biv kit in there if you needed. Or of course just a Visa card.

To conclude, I’d be very happy to use this as a second harness for hike-and-fly and travel. You can fit your normal wing and end up with a really neat package that makes hiking and adventuring a total pleasure. At 1.8m I felt like I was nearing the top end of the M size; definitely try both sizes out if you’re a smidge taller or heavier.

Advance Easiness 2 review: rucksack

The bag opens up wide and is easy to pack


Hugh Miller reviewed the Easiness 2 in the Dolomites

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