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Yooda Paramotors Atelier Yak frames

Wednesday 1 July, 2015

Yooda Yak paramotor frame

Yooda Paramotors Atelier are a new Italian firm who make paramotor frames fitted with Cors-Air motors. The Yak paramotors can now be pre-ordered for delivery towards the end of 2015, and will be on show at the 2015 Coupe Icare

Initially, the Yak frame will be fitted with a choice of three Cors-Air motors, to suit different pilot skill levels.

YAK 120  (Cors-Air Black Magic, 119cc) for beginners
YAK 170 (Cors-Air Black Devil, 172.5cc) for intermediates
YAK 240 (Cors-Air Black Bull, 235cc) for experts

The frames are all designed and built in Italy and are weld-free aluminium constructions, laminated for strength. A simple shape, “perfectly balanced” for comfortable flying, there are just two connection horns between the frame and the external ring.

Yooda say the frames are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble into a compact package for easy transport using a snap button system.

There is a pulley fixed to the frame to facilitate engine starting, and the swing arms have adjustable attachment points and a torque effect compensation system.


Yooda Yak paramotor frame

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