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Razeebuss release Radicall v4

Monday 18 April, 2016

Razeebuss have released the final version of their Radicall auxiliary power unit. Version 4 has a “virtual cage” which also ensures the propeller unit remains at the optimal angle, and a Pi300 controller / engine management system.

As with previous incarnations, the V4 Radicall is a carbon chassis built into a Sup’Air Skypper harness. The virtual cage is based on a gyroscope and accelerometer unit. It detects the angle of the thrust created by the propeller, and then adjusts the prop’s position to ensure an optimal angle. It can detect whether the pilot is taking off or flying, and adjusts the prop angle accordingly.

The VC also detects any sudden dramatic changes in angle, if the glider suffers a collapse, for instance, and cuts the power, the propeller folding neatly away within two seconds.

The Geiger engineering Pi300 controller is a whole motor management system and flight recorder. A button on the end enables the pilot to scroll through the various parameters it displays on the handle display, such as engine temperature.

Razeebuss say that the addition of the motor management system means you now get 12kW of power from the HPD 10 E-drive, which is 2KW more than the original version, and around 70kg of thrust at full throttle giving it an improved climb rate of around 2m/s.

The Kokam LIPO 24 Ah battery pack, which is now integrated into a new cockpit, has a battery management system to improve safety and energy efficiency.

The Radicall v4 comes with 130cm carbon prop and weighs 28kg ready to fly. RRP is 12,500 EUR + tax.


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