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Hike-and-fly from Kilimanjaro in October 2016

Monday 22 August, 2016

Paraglide Kilimanjaro are offering a US$1,000 reduction for their October 2016 expedition to hike and paraglide from 5,895m Uhuru Peak.

Not to be confused with the much larger ‘Wings of Kilimanjaro’ trips (remember the planned 100-pilot fly-down?), Paraglide Kilimanjaro run low-impact expeditions with much smaller groups of pilots, led by professional mountain and paragliding guides.

The paragliding guide will advise on weather forecast/observations, advice on flying conditions, retrieve options etc. while the accredited mountain guide performs his normal duties.

Pilots need a certain level of experience (experience requirements are outlined on their website), and the expeditions are also open to non-flyers.

The hiking part of the expedition is suitable for even relatively novice hikers and our support crew takes care of all the services along the way. We work on a simplistic approach – if you have the needed experience and want to fly from the top, we can help to make that dream a reality! Yes, it’s that easy!

The round trip, from Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro airport and back, takes 13 days with an average of 4-6 hours’ hiking a day. The team have found this to be ample time for most people to acclimatise well and enjoy the trek.

If weather conditions mean it is not launchable on reaching Uhuru Peak, a night spent at Crater Camp (5,720m) is built into the itinerary, offering pilots a second chance to enjoy the 90-minute flight back down.

There is no obligatory charity donation, although the team have details of charities in the Kilimanjaro area that would be very grateful for any pledges.

At Paraglide Kilimanjaro we strive to create long term benefits for the community through job creation and sustainable tourism. With your support we are fully committed to creating meaningful opportunities for the local community which will hopefully mean one day they won’t need charities…


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