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Nova Prion 5: EN-A school wing

Tuesday 9 February, 2021

Nova’s new school paraglider, the Prion 5, is EN/LTF A and DGAC certified. It’s more roll stable than its predecessor and has a new brake travel indicator.

The Prion 5 is  a completely new design. It’s a three-liner with a flat aspect ratio of 4.42 and projected aspect ratio of 3.33. The flat aspect ratio is lower, and the projected aspect ratio higher than the 4: the reduced arc makes it more roll stable.

It has only 33 real cells which helps reduce the weight, but the middle 25 cells have mid-cell nylon rods to improve inflation behaviour and reduce vibrations in flight. It also has trailing edge mini ribs to improve performance and reduce brake pressure.

Nova Prion 5 mid-cell rods

The Prion 5 has Mid Cell Rods (MCR)

All the lines except the gallery lines are sheathed, and Nova use red and green colour coding on their risers and harness hang loops to aid pre-flight preparation.

It 5 has a new Brake Travel Indicator: the brake lines are colour-graded from green to red to demarcate the zones: green and yellow areas for steering, red for the landing flare.

Nova Prion 5 brake lines

The Prion 5 has Nova’s size-adjustable brake handles and does not need to be concertina folded so it’s simple to pack.

Nova Prion 5 adjustable brake handles

The Prion 5 will be available in five sizes, XXS to L. At 4.7kg in the middle size (S for 75-100kg) it’s relatively light for a school wing, despite its robust construction.



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