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Gin Pegasus 3: entry-level paramotor wing

Monday 8 March, 2021

Gin have released a new entry-level wing for paramotoring: The Pegasus 3 is DGAC approved in four sizes, and also has EN-A certification for free flight. 

It’s made from the new PU-based composite coating fabric that Gin developed in partnership with Korean fabric manufacturer Myungjin. Top and bottom surfaces use a 32g/m² version of the cloth, with 40g/m² used to reinforce the leading edge. Gin say the cloth is light but durable, perfect for a wing that will be groundhandled a lot. The lightened sail (4.65kg in the 26, compared to 4.95kg for the same size of Pegasus 2) has improved the inflation and take-off characteristics of the wing, too.

Gin say, “the risers are easy to sort, the wing comes up smoothly and cleanly, the lift-off comes early and over-enthusiastic control inputs are forgiven”. It’s made to make take-offs, “less nerve-wracking!”

Test pilot Laurent Salinas says, “Starting with the right wing means you will learn faster, and have a wider safety margin in a variety of conditions. We have always believed good take-off characteristics to be the most important quality for a beginner wing”.

Besides safety, Laurent says the Pegasus 3 is a versatile wing, that can be happily flown in midday thermals, with and without a motor. “The controls are responsive yet progressive – it’s never dull. The wing responds to your every command, but at the same time, it’s still incredibly forgiving if you are over enthusiastic”.

The Pegasus 3 has a 3-riser layout with split-As for big ears. The 28 and 30m² sizes have longer brakes and an additional lower pulley on the PPG riser set for very high attachment points, such as on trikes.

It’s available in coral, lemon and blue colours.

Gin Pegasus 3 specs


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