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Wessel Du Plooy wins Ozone Chabre Open 2019

Saturday 6 July, 2019

Wessel Du Plooy won the final task of the Ozone Chabre Open 2019 to take the overall title.

Ozone Chabre 2019 overall winners: 1. Wessel Du Plooy (OzoneAlpina 3) (centre), 2. Richard Meek (Ozone Alpina) (left), 3. Colin Rathbun (Ozone Delta 3)

The event was a resounding success with flying on all seven days, even if some of the tasks were stopped due to building storms. There were a lot of happy pilots after the final day of the event gave some great flying from Bergies with no big clouds in sight. It was tight at the top and Wessel, originally from South Africa but now living in Switzerland, told us he was surprised to find that he had reached goal first which meant he was the overall winner of what was only his second ever competition. Flying an Ozone Alpina 3 he finished ahead of Richard Meek and Colin Rathbun. The women’s winner was Dutch pilot Esther Dielissen, who was flying a Swift 4.

The Ozone Chabre Open is a competition aimed at inexperienced competition pilots with the focus on fun and learning. With Jocky Sanderson on hand to give detailed task briefings and debriefings as well as evening lectures pilots can learn a lot during the week-long competition. At the prizegiving trophies and prizes were awarded for the various classes. It was Russell Willings’ name that was drawn out of the hat, the lucky winner of a brand new Ozone wing. Congratulations to all the pilots and the organising team.

Full results can be found at flylaragne.com

Class results

Women’s winners

1. Esther Dielissen (Ozone Swift4) (2nd left)
2. Kanan Thaku (Gin Sprint) (left)
3. Ali Matthews (Nova Ion 3) (2nd right)

Rookies class winners

1. Eloy De Koning (Ozone Delta 3) (centre)
2. Joe Redmond (Bgd Cure) (right)
3. Benjamin Ireland (Advance Iota 2)

Fun class winners

Fun Class
1. Ali Matthews (Nova Ion 3) (left)
2. Rosie Ireland (Advance Epsilon 8) (centre)
3. Isabella Lau (Ozone Geo 5)

Recreation class winners

Recreation Class
1. Jeroen Kaub (Nova Mentor 6) (centre)
2. Youri Streefkerk(Ozone Rush 5) (left)
3=. Sunith Rao (Ozone Rush 5)
3=. Mark Piggot (Phi Maestro) (not pictured)

Sports class winners

Sports Class
1. Wessel Du Plooy (OzoneAlpina 3) (centre)
2. Colin Rathbun (Ozone Delta 3) (left)
3. Magnus Olsson (Niviuk Artik 4)

X-Class winners

1. Richard Meek (Ozone Alpina) (centre)
2. Mark Graham (Ozone Delta 3) (left)
3. Mario Holmstrom (Bgd Cure)

Team winners

Top Teams

1. Dales Team Vulture :
Richard Meek (Ozone Alpina)
Olivier Beytrison (Nova Mentor 5)
Rosie Darwood (Ozone Rush 5)
Peter Darwood (Nova Mentor 5)

2. Bvi Bobsled Team

3. Team Magnuses

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