Stunning scenes captured during Task 6 of the PWC Superfinal 2021 in Disentis. Photo: Andy Busslinger
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PWC Superfinal 2021: Stefan Wyss wins T6

Monday 16 August, 2021

Friday 13 August’s PWC Superfinal task was cancelled due to storms, so there are no scores for Task 5. Fortunately Saturday dawned bright and sunny, and task 6 was a 97km race in beautiful conditions. Stefan Wyss just beat Honorin Hamard to take top position by one point, and Meryl Delferrière was the highest ranked woman. 

Ruth Jessop reports:

With beautiful blue skies a 97 km task was set taking the pilots west, then a long leg east, followed by a circuit round the end of the Disentis valley, then back to goal at Ilanz.

For Aaron Durogati it was the best day of the week – not too turbulent and with quite a few options.

For Christian Maurer, it was perfect, better than expected, with totally blue conditions. The air start gave everyone stunning views from 3,900m.

Every time it looked as if it was going to be a procession to goal the pilots chose different route options.

For Felix Rodriguez, everywhere was working, no need to stop in weak thermals – a really good racing day.

It was a neck-and-neck race to end of speed between two veteran task winners Honorin Hamard and Stefan Wyss. Stefan won by one point bringing his task wins total to 23, inching his way nearer to Tim Bollinger’s dad, Han’s overall lead of 28 task wins.

Just a reminder that you can follow the commentary and live tracking on our split screen.

The first 98 pilots made goal, and thus all flew the same distance, and gained the same distance points. Today’s winner is therefore the one with a combination of the best speed points and lead-out points.

Top 3 Overall

1 – Stefan WYSS
2 – Honorin HAMARD
3 – Xavier LAPORTE

Top 3 Women

2 – Nanda WALLISER

Top 3 Teams

1 – Ozone
2 – Chinese Taipei Gliding Sports Association
3 = Flying Tree Environmental Management
3 = Fly Turkey
3 = Wind

Top 3 speed points

2:26:17 Honorin Hamard (37.4 km/h)
2:27:07 Stefan Wyss
2:27:51 Xavier Laporte

Top 3 leading points

161.8 Stefan Wyss
155.2 Julien Wirtz
151.8 Pierre Remy

All the results are available here.

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