Pilots above launch on a previous task. Photo: PWCA
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PWC 2021 SERBIA: DAY 5 “Stronger conditions”

Friday 16 July, 2021

Day five of the PWC in Serbia saw stronger conditions and a 83km task was set. The task was won my the youngest pilot in the competition – Victor Boudet of France with Meryl Delferriere the top woman.

With the exception of Peru’s Franz Schilter all the top ten overall are from France. Just six points separate the top three with Simon Mettetal leading Julien Wirtz and Honorin Hazard. In the Women’s competition Marcella Uchoa from Brazil is in the overall lead.

Ruth Jessop reports:

With blue skies and plentiful thermals an 83 km corridor task was set taking the pilots west across the hills and valleys in front of Kopaonik to goal in the middle of the meadows on the plateau.

The concentric circles which were the edges of the corridor gave plenty of choice of where to take the turn points. Pepe Malecki took the zig and the zag at the three o’clock position, the main gaggle at 4 o’clock, a few others at 5 o’clock and there were still pilots flying at 6 o’clock.

The second half of the race had more cloud cover, a higher base and strong climbs. On a day when the overall scores were thrown up in the air, the youngest pilot in the competition, Victor Boudet, won the task, a World Cup first.

A great day. More of the same again tomorrow please.

The first 51 pilots made goal.

Top 3 overall

1st – Victor BOUDET
2nd – François CORMIER
3rd – Marco LITTAME

Top 3 Women

2nd – Marcella UCHOA
3rd  – Constance METTETAL

Top teams

1st – Niviuk
2nd  – Ozone
3rd= – Flow Paragliders
3rd= – Flymaster

Best newcomer: Darko STANKOVSKI

All the results are available here


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