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PWC 2021 Serbia: Day 4 “weak thermals”

Thursday 15 July, 2021

Despite difficult conditions a 59.5km task was called. The task was won by French team coach Julien Garcia. Third today was Baptiste Lambert taking him into the overall lead of the competition. It was a good day for the Lambert family with Cyril Lambert arriving in goal just 15 seconds behind his son. Brazilian pilot Marcella Uchoa was top-placed women.

Summary written by Ruth Jessop 

With forecasts of strong winds and no thermals, today was very nearly cancelled by whatsapp from the Meet Director’s bedside. However, this is the Paragliding World Cup and anything is possible.

A 59.5 km task west was set, which even those who had set it scoffed at. A cross wind with weak thermals in the first half of the task made it a day where patience prevailed.

After the first and only turnpoint, at Novi Pazar, and with a delicious smell of Serbian Sarma in the thermals, the flying became a bit easier, and faster, with speeds of 70+ km being recorded.

French team coach Julien Garcia, who had been quite conservative in the main valley heading to the first turn point, decided to put the foot down and move up a gear. From then on, the course, and the wind direction, changed pace.

Julien and Baptiste Lambert escaped with the team coach learning from this paragliding prodigy, who, in Julien’s words was ‘crazy good today.’  The last tricky part was to gain sufficient height to cross the plateau. The scores tell the rest of the story.

One of the most human endeavours of the day was Baptiste shouting ‘Coucou Papa!’ on final glide as he and Cyril arrived in goal within 15 seconds of each other.

Well done to Julien for a textbook task win and to the other 21 pilots, and their fathers who made goal today.

The first 22 pilots made goal

Top 3 overall

1st – Julien GARCIA
2nd – Julien WIRTZ
3rd – Baptiste LAMBERT

Top 3 Women

1st – Marcella UCHOA
3rd – Constance METTETAL

Top 3 teams

1st =   Ozone
1st =  Parastick
3rd      Kortel Design

Best newcomer: Darko STANKOVSKI

All the results are available here


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