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Cross Country Issue 240: June 2023

Tuesday 16 May, 2023

Cross Country Magazine issue 240 June 2023

Théo de Blic and Patrick Sieber soar the magnificent cliffs on the north coast of Socotra on the cover of the latest issue of Cross Country Magazine. Inside they tell us it’s a dream come true for both of them.



Also in the magazine…


Making good decisions is key to flying well – but what does that mean in practice? Matt Warren explores how we can all learn to make better decisions when we fly.

Théo de Blic upside down over Lake Garda

The world of competition acro is changing, with a new rule that allows competitions to be held over the ground for the first time. Théo de Blic explains what that will mean for the sport.

Spring in Owens Valley

“Why is spring so bouncy?” asks weather columnist Honza Rejmanek. He has the answer.

Ollie Chitty

Moyes Boy and hang glider competition pilot Ollie Chitty tells us what’s in his cockpit – and surprises even himself

Fly Bassano

“I have been around the world but I always land right back here.” Paragliding guide Monika Eller shares her love of flying and tells us why she’s set up a new base in Bassano.

Peter Jodok

Our sport has its legends and its pioneers – Lorenz Camenzind remembers his friend and Flytec business pattern, Peter Jodek.

Joanna Di Grigoli in Venezuela

“In seven years I’ve gotten used to the comfortable European life…” writes Joanna Di Grigoli as she heads back to fly her home country of Venezuela for the first time in seven years.


As a 14-year-old Théo de Blic dreamed of flying the infinite dunes of Socotra, an island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Yemen. This year he finally got his chance.

Francois Ragolski crossing the Himalya

Travelling from Tajikistan to Nepal last year François Ragolski set off on a two-month, 2,500km long solo journey through the Himalaya, combining cutting-edge flying with an old fashioned sense of adventure. He shares his amazing story.

Junming Song

Junming Song is the first pilot from China to enter the Red Bull X-Alps. Tarquin Cooper talks to this two-time Chinese champions about his life in flying, the boom in paragliding in China and his love for the sport.

Flow Freedom 2

In our dedicated reviews and gear section we test fly Flow’s Freedom 2 ≠ a 3/2-line high EN B aimed at cross country pilots looking for performance and security.

Gin Evora

We also check out the new Gin Evora, an “easy intermediate” wing aimed at pilots just starting out on their XC career.

Flymaster LiveDS

It’s billed as “the most complete free-flying instrument ever created” – does it meet the mark? After a longterm test reviewer Marcus King has the answer.

Supair AltiRando Lite 2

Our verdict of the new newly updated Supair Altirando Lite 2? “Light, versatile, comfortable and functional”. We review it in-depth.

AirDesign Sock

Lightweight harnesses come in all shapes and sizes – we test fly AirDesign’s new Sock which fits like a, well, you know what…

Charly Vitesse helmet

Hugh Miller loves his full-face Charly helmet – could we convince him to fall for the lightweight Charly Vitesse and its interchangeable visors instead? We think just a little bit!

Plus elsewhere we take a look at the new Red Bull X-Alps rules, talk to soul-surfer Jorge Atramiz, pictured, and round up all the new wings, harnesses and technology that has been released this month. Cross Country 240 is busy!

Cross Country 240 (June 2023) is out now.



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