Cross Country Magazine issue 240 (June 2023)


Cross Country 240 (June 2023)

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Get your regular hit of free-flight excellence with the June 2023 issue of Cross Country Magazine – here’s what’s inside:

  • On Launch With… – “It’s more than a sport.” Monika Eller reveals what she has learned after 40 years in free flying
  • Decisions, Decisions – Matt Warren explains how understanding the way we make decisions can help us fly better
  • Back to Socotra – “Our itinerary was simple – we were going to the dunes.” Théo de Blic fulfils a lifelong dream
  • Himalayan Mission – “Tajikistan was too much.” François Ragolski shares the tale of his 2,500km mountain odyssey
  • The King of Linzhou – “It’s a virtuous circle.” Junming Song talks paragliding, China and the X-Alps
  • Gin Evora – Bastienne Wentzel takes Gin’s new “easy B” for a week away in beautiful Bassano
  • Flow Freedom 2 – “A racing pedigree.” Flying the 3/2-line high-EN B from Australia’s Felipe Rezende
  • Flymaster Live DS – Is it really “the most complete free-flying instrument ever created”?

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