Vitek Ludvik paragliding in front of Machapuchare, Nepal. Photo: Olivier Laugero
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Cross Country 229: May 2022

Monday 11 April, 2022

Cross Country Magazine issue 229 May 2022

Vitek Ludvik flies with a view of the mighty Annapurna range on the cover of the latest issue, Cross Country 229 (May 2022). Shot by Olivier Laugero the pair were on a mission in Nepal, searching out new spots to fly. Inside they join up with Sano Babu Sunuwar and head into the Himalaya. Here’s what else is in the magazine.



Maurizio Bottegal

“Ciao Maurizio!” Flying since the 1980s, Italy’s Maurizio Bottegal reveals what he’s learnt in his more than 35 years of paragliding.

Ozone Zeno 2. Photo: Olivier Laugero

It’s hot, it’s Ozone’s new Zeno 2 – the glider Honorin Hamard flew to competition success in Colombia this season. Michel Ferrer grills him about the new wing.

Paraglider pilots at the Stubai Cup 2022.

The Stubai Cup in March was a chance for manufacturers to showcase their new gliders and harnesses ahead of the start of the European season. We headed there to get the latest news – and test fly some new wings.

Theo de Blic flying the Nova Mentor 7

“When should you upgrade?” The ego-destroying answer is “Maybe never” says Théo de Blic in his latest column. “If you’re not flying on bar, then you don’t need to step up.” Ouch.

Antoine Girard above Mont Blanc. Photo: Antoine Girard

Stability and changing pressure is the topic under discussion by our resident weatherman Honza Rejmanek. He explains how a push-pull situation can create epic high cloudbase over the Alps.

Vitek Ludvik in Nepal. Photo: Vitek Ludvik

We’re onboard with Vitek as he climbs out from Korchon and heads towards Machapuchare. In our cover story he and Olivier Laugero explore mountain launches in Nepal away from the madding crowd.

On final glide in Texas. Photo: Chris Gibisch

With only 19 miles under his belt Chris Gibisch was invited to Big Spring, Texas to fly with some of the best long-distance hang-glider pilots in the world. It was a trip he never forgot.

Paramotoring over the Pyramids at night. Photo: Matias Nombarasco
Photographer Matias Nombarasco spent a week on a unique paramotoring tour of Egypt, which culminated in a true world first – flying the pyramids at night. He tells us how it happened.

Juraj Koren climb and fly. Photo: Juraj Koren
Juraj Koren has been on a mission to climb-and-fly the hardest north faces of the Alps over winter. He explains what made him go solo.

Naviter Oudie N on review
The Oudie N is the latest offering from the team at Naviter. Running the Navigator App it has everything you could wish for in an instrument – but how is it in the air?

Dudek Freeway 2 Review
If you’re looking to have fun and learn new tricks as a rookie acro pilot then the Dudek Freeway could be for you. Erwin Voogt takes it for a spin in Turkey.

Davinci Hula review
The Davinci Hula – just another EN-A hike-and-fly wing? With some intriguing design features, it’s worth taking a second look.

Kortel Kolibri Evo review
The Kortel Kolibri Evo is a specialist vol-biv harness and upgrade to the original Kolibri. We load it up and go flying.

ewool heated gloves review
Heated gloves? We have a stack of them, from $40 Amazon ones to $300 ready-for-Broad-Peak pairs. We try out the latest from offering heated-wearables specialist ewool.

Head Games
Plus, whether flying Point of the Mountain or the Annapurnas of Nepal, Bill Belcourt gives us insight into the best way to find a mentor – and explains how to make sure they are the right one for you. Take his advice, load up with XC229 and fly for the horizon.



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