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Cross Country 227: Feb / Mar 2022

Monday 10 January, 2022

Cross Country Magazine Issue 227
Cross Country is the world’s international free flying magazine, and this issue we celebrate the achievement of a certain Russell Ogden. His benevolent smile shines out at us from the cover of Cross Country 227 (Feb/Mar 2022), almost promising that if we, too, pay attention to the small details, focus on our technique, and fly in a disciplined manner we will also earn the right to call ourselves Paragliding Champion of the World.



Russell Ogden

Inside, we listen to the gospel according to Russell, who we think is almost certainly the patron saint of competition paragliding, as he reveals how he won the Worlds in Argentina late last year. In a word? “Teamwork.”

British Paragliding Team 2021

We also share a beer with Team GB manager Jocky Sanderson who can’t hide his joy at what happened in Argentina at the Paragliding World Championships. “I know I’m biased, but I knew we had the best pilots in the world,” he tells us. It’s gold medals all round for Team GB.

Yael Margelisch

New Women’s Paragliding World Champion Yael Margelisch meanwhile talks to Bastienne Wentzel about her incredible year: from the Red Bull X-Alps to flying 500km in Brazil to winning gold in Argentina. “Seiko was my biggest rival,” she says.


Are you heading to Colombia this season? With a packed calendar of back-to-back competitions the Valle de Cauca is getting ready to host hundreds of pilots after a year off. “The people have come to embrace paragliding and its importance to the local economy,” says Colombian guide Lucho Jimenez. “Come alone, come with friends, Colombia will welcome you with wide open arms!”

Stefan Bernhard

One pilot who will be there is Stefan Bernhard, guiding with the team at Sky Summits. A former fast-jet Air Force pilot and now a member of the German paragliding team he tells us about life in the cockpit, whether NetJet or two-liner.

Swiss hike-and-fly league

In the Alps, we catch up with Bernhard Senn, the new manager of the new Swiss Hike-and-Fly League. Inspired by Chrigel Maurer’s X-Alps Academy we find out all about it.

Flow Fusion Light

In an in-depth feature we talk to paragliding designers Luc Armant (Ozone), Felipe Rezende (Flow) and Philipp Medicus (Nova) about the new generation of EN-C and EN-B wings that mix two-line and three-line geometry. How should pilots approach the new technology and what do we need to know?

Théo de Blic

“Practise basic flying skills,” says Théo de Blic in his regular techniques column. In How to Fly Safe he gives us his ten top tips for making it through 2022 unscathed. From ground handling more to post-flight analysis, every one is a new year’s resolution in waiting.

Red Bull Illumé

Stunning shot! We round up the free-flight photos that made the cut in the prestigious Red Bull Illume adventure photography competition.

Bene Bös - Ignition

“Are you ready for your first paramotor competition?” XContest PPG winner Bene Bös explains what we need to know and tells us why we should give old-school classic paramotor competitions a go.
First Light – Jerome Maupoint

In this visual feat photographer Jerome Maupoint reveals why his favourite time to fly is at sunrise. As well as showcasing some of his stunning images he shares his tips, advice and knowledge about how to get to the best spot at the right time.

Dubai – Adi Geisegger

In November eagles from the X-Alps turned into Arabian falcons at the inaugural UAE Hike-and-Fly Championships in Dubai. Independent photographer Adi Geisegger was there under his own steam and shares his best images – plus tells the incredible story of how seven-time X-Alps champion Chrigel Maurer ended up soul-searching in the desert.

Paramotoring in Jordan

Also back from the desert, Nico Aubert reveals how he fell in love with the landscapes, people and flying of Jordan when he and Ramon Morillas were invited out on a whistle-stop tour of some of the country’s most famous sites.

Gin Explorer 2

On review, Marcus King flies the lightweight Explorer 2, Gin’s new lightweight, three-line mid-B for adventure-minded pilots.

Supair Birdy

Plus he jumps on board the “EN A+” Birdy from Supair – and comes away genuinely surprised.

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