Cross Country Magazine issue 227 (February / March 2022)


Cross Country 227 (Feb / Mar 2022)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 227 (February – March 2022):

  • Naked Pilot – Whether it’s flying private jets or the latest twoliner, Stefan Bernhard is at home in the sky
  • 3/2-Liners Explained – ‘Hybrid’ 3/2-line technology has arrived in the EN B class. We ask the designers what it means
  • Psyched to Win – Russell Ogden is the new Paragliding World Champion. We talk to this legend in the sport
  • First Light – Jérôme Maupoint has been getting up early to fly and photograph sunrises for years. He shares his best
  • Midnight in Dubai – “Hike-and-fly in Dubai?” Adi Geisegger was in the UAE for its first high-impact competition
  • Flying Wadi Rum – Nico Aubert heads to Jordan for a whistle-stop tour of its most famous sites, Holy Grail included
  • Gin Explorer 2 – Heading to the hills? We fly this lightweight, three-line high-B for adventure-minded XC pilots
  • Supair Birdy – It’s an EN A+ designed for “new pilots with feel” – and it leaves Marcus King genuinely surprised

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