Benjamin Jordan surrounded by Monarchs in the Cerro Pelon Butterfly Sanctuary, Mexico. Photo: Lyndsay Nicole
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Cross Country 218: April 2021

Monday 8 March, 2021

Cross Country 218 - Benjamin Jordan USA

Benjamin Jordan grins and flies the flag on the cover of the latest issue of Cross Country Magazine. Inside he tells the story of his mammoth, 150-day vol-bivouac expedition across the continental USA last year. He travelled 2,835km literally step-by-step and thermal by thermal.

Paragliding in the Alps. Photo: Jerome Maupoint

Winter is turning to spring in the northern hemisphere, so we take a look at what that means for pilots who are about to get back in the air. “Don’t wait for the best day – get ahead of the pack and get out there early.”

Urs Haari. Photo: Bernadet Habermacher

Urs Haari found flying when he was just a teenager, and he has lived his life around it. He tells us why he still loves flying just as much as he ever did.

Benjamin Jordan Project Monarca

“I’m a paraglider pilot. I’m going to fly all the way across the United States.” Inspired by the migration of the Monarch butterfly, and supported by partner Lyndsay Nicole, Canada’s Benjamin Jordan spent last summer on five-month long vol-bivouac journey across the USA. From the border with Mexico, all the way north to Canada. In this amazing story, he tells the story of his incredible journey.

Advance Pi3 review

Miniwings can be different things for different people, from high-wind soaring to thermalling with the gaggles. We review three of the latest, including the Advance Pi 3 (pictured), Gin Yeti 5 and the Zoe from Sky Paraglider.

How to do the Nova Bordairrace

The hike-and-fly competition season is approaching. Three-time Bordairrace winner Simon Oberrauner explains what you need to know to get into it and how to do well. “Stay in the air, and don’t make aggressive decisions.”

Understanding electronic conspicuity for paragliders

How to see and be seen. There is increasing pressure to make ourselves electronically visible to other things in the air. Steve Uzochukwu takes an in-depth look at the technology that can help us do just that.

Thrust and stall point in a paramotor. Photo: Tex Beck

Can you stall your glider from too much thrust, asks paramotor columnist Jeff Goin? In theory yes, but there’s a but. He considers some extreme scenarios.

Advanced paragliding with Bruce Goldsmith. Photo: Marcus King

Bruce Goldsmith looks at yaw and how we control it – plus gives us some tips and exercises to try next time we’re flying. “If you do this well, you will become a more efficient pilot.”

Way Gliders Ruby review

An EN B+ at a direct-sales price is the pitch. Marcus King clicks for delivery of a brand new Ruby from Way Gliders.

High wind paragliding at Dutch coast

When the wind is strong even the lowest dunes offer the potential for some fantastic days out. Bastienne Wentzel heads to the coast to power up the mini wing and finesse her high-wind skills.

Paramotoring in Owens Valley. Photo: Ben Horton

Ben Horton is a National Geographic Explorer whose photographic career has taken him from diving with sharks to flying with eagles. His newest passion is paragliding and paramotoring. He shares some of his finest aerial shots from his home in California.

Splashdown with Steve Bramfitt. Photo: Guy Bolton

Steve Bramfitt is flying for Team GB in the Red Bull X-Alps this summer. Cross Country editor Ed Ewing finds out how the boy from Birmingham turned into one of the eagles of Interlaken.

CimAlp clothing. Photo: Charlie King

CimAlp clothing. Photo: Charlie King

French clothing company CimAlp are starting to make mountain gear for paraglider pilots. We take a closer look.

Tom de Dorlodot

“Always listen to your intuition.” In the latest of Matt Warren’s Head Game interviews, he talks to Tom de Dorlodot about how to tune into “that feeling inside”. “Intuition can help make us better pilots,” he writes, “it always pays to listen.”

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