Cross Country Travel Guide 2020


100 pages of advice on travelling with your wing and the best flying sites around the globe

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The Cross Country Travel Guide 2020 is packed full of advice on travelling with your wing plus some of the very best hang gliding and paragliding sites on Earth.

With 100 pages full of information and stunning photographs the inspirational glossy A4 guide is full of up-to-date information about where to fly, when to go and who to talk to when you get there or before you go.

Whether you are looking for ideas for your next trip, advice on travelling with your paraglider or reliable, fact-checked information about flying sites around the world, you’ll find it here.


  • Gallery
  • Choosing a Guide – What to look for when booking a course or going on a guided trip
  • Living the #Vanlife – Is living on wheels really living the dream? Andy Pag has the answer
  • Responsible Travel – Are the days of guilt-free air travel over? Matt Warren takes on the issue
  • Maximum Air Time – Where to guarantee the weather
  • How to fly vol-biv – Launch, fly, land, sleep. Dougie Swanson-Low on first-time vol-biv
  • Four Seasons in the Alps – An introduction to flying Europe’s ultimate mountain playground
  • 200km from Grente – Till Gottbrath reveals the secrets of this Alpine XC hotspot
  • 10 Days in the Cauca Valley – Seb Ospina explains there’s more to Colombia than Roldanillo

Plus flying in:

  • Italy
  • Anncey, France
  • Slovenia
  • Áger, Spain
  • Canaries
  • Valle de Bravo
  • Northeast Brazil
  • USA
  • Southern Africa
  • Australia
  • Pakistan

The Cross Country Travel Guide 2020 is also available as a digital edition

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