Cross Country Magazine issue 230 (June 2022)


Cross Country 230 (June 2022)

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Get your regular hit of free-flight excellence with the June 2022 issue of Cross Country Magazine – here’s what’s inside:

  • Rear-Riser Control – We ask the experts how intermediate pilots can get the most out of their rear-riser systems
  • Mentors are for Life – “Listen and help out.” Gavin McClurg reveals the lessons he’s learnt from his mentors.
  • In Patagonia – One day, two epic adventures – climbing and flying from Cerro Torre and circumnavigating Fitz Roy
  • What Horacio Did Next – After 21 years in the game Horacio Llorens is calling time on his acro competition career. We look back
  • Dunes from Above – From ripples on the beach to sand mountains in the desert, Jeff Hamann reveals the world of dunes
  • Call of the Wild – “The dopamine hit of social media is out to kill me.” Keith Forsyth goes deep in Washington State
  • Ozone Zeno 2 – Five years on from the revolutionary Zeno the new version is tighter and faster, says Hugh Miller
  • Triple Seven Knight 2 – It’s a low EN B but it’s packed full of features for ambitious pilots. Marcus King gets to grips with it

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