Cross Country Adventure Guide 2022


Vol-bivouac, para-alpinism, hike-and-fly, adventure racing, travel, XC, paramotoring and equipment with some of the best pilots in the sport

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Cross Country Magazine’s Adventure Guide 2022 is packed with information and advice from some of the best adventure pilots in the sport. From vol-bivouac to para-alpinism to hike-and-fly, from eight-minute flights to 2,000km long odysseys we showcase what’s possible in some of the most beautiful flying locations on the planet.

Plus, we take a look at the very best new technology and equipment, explaining how you can use or adapt it to help you get more out of your own next adventure. From lightweight harnesses to specialist adventure-racing wings.

Reliable, fact-checked and up-to-date information from one of the leading publications in the sport, here’s what’s inside:


  • Editorial
  • Contributors
  • Gallery
  • Flying Kilimanjaro – The world’s biggest hike-and-fly
  • The Last Glaciers – With Malcolm Wood
  • Big in Brazil – Long distance XC with Serena Ronchi
  • The Parajet Xplorer – Truly, a flying car
  • Combo magic – Skiing and paragliding with Antoine Boisellier
  • Flying the Matterhorn – The hardest way
  • Bikepacking and paragliding in Scotland’s Western Isles
  • Keeping it real with pro athlete Cedar Wright
  • Adventure racing with X-Alps pilot Laurie Genovese
  • Tandem XC with the BipBip crew
  • Fly, Sleep, Repeat – All you need to know about the art of vol-bivouac
  • No Place Like Home – Adi Geisegger on the joy of staying local
  • The Arctic Trail – Exploring Western Greenland with Nico Cochet and son
  • Paramotoring – Sylvestre Campe’s Amazon Rainforest odyssey


  • Lightweight Kit – From bootlace harnesses to high-performance paragliders
  • On your Back – Adventure paragliding rucksacks tried and tested
  • There’s an App for That – Flight instruments that won’t weigh you down
  • Photography – Capturing the perfect moment with Guy Bolton
  • Clothing – How to take care of your outdoor kit so it lasts
  • What’s On in 2022
  • The Vagabond Poet – Didier Favre

The Cross Country Adventure Guide 2022 will also be available soon as a digital edition

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