Cross Country 201 (July 2019)


Cross Country 201 (July 2019)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country 201 (July 2019):

  • Choosing a Second Wing – Why, when and how should you upgrade? Hugh Miller and Laurent Boninfante talk it through
  • Tour du Mont Blanc – “Get ready for the flight of your life!” Fred Souchon guides us round White Mountain
  • Project Overland – “It’s just like a paraglider…” Paul Guschlbauer flies from Alaska to Patagonia by Super Cub
  • Midnight in Alaska – “I yelled ridiculous sounds into the woods.”Felix Wölk goes into the wild and survives – just
  • Shouldering the Pain – Do you ever get sore arms and shoulders when you fly? Dr Matt Wilkes will see you now
  • The King’s Trail – “Let’s do this, I thought.” Lenka Žďánská flies a famous hiking trail north of the Arctic Circle
  • Reviews – We fly the Little Cloud Gracchio, Mac Para Outback and Ozone Roadster 3
  • Digifly Air BT Pitot – Marcus King dives in deep with this high-end, top ofthe line, free flight instrument

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