Cross Country 200 (June 2019)


Cross Country 200 (June 2019)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country 200 (June 2019):

  • Airspace and Us – “How do you get reliable data?” Stefan Ungemach explains all you need to know about airspace
  • The Last Glaciers – “Half the glaciers in the Alps will be gone.” Malcolm Wood takes on climate change
  • Aconcagua – Antoine Girard flies to the summit of South America’s highest peak and spends the night
  • The Matterhorn – “We could see for 300km.” Adi Geisegger and friends fly over the top by paramotor
  • The Road to Macedonia – “Could my confidence survive?” Kiwi Johnston and Steve Ham with part four of this epic tale
  • Life on the Dune – “Home is still home.” Mads Syndergaard and his oldest friends fly Denmark’s wild west coast
  • Kitlist – The latest new gear fresh for this season – and some older ideas that never quite took off
  • Choosing a Pod – Hugh Miller on what to think about when looking to buy your first pod harness

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