Cross Country 199 (May 2019)


Cross Country 199 (May 2019)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country 199 (May 2019):

  • Competition Insight – “Focus on enjoyment, not results.” Hugh Miller on what he learned flying in Colombia last winter
  • Hard Day at the Office – “I’m lying face down in the snow.” Haydon Gray reveals what life as a tandem pilot is really like
  • The Ultimate Game – “Sadly, pizza doesn’t count.” What X-Alps rookies need to know, according to those who’ve gone before
  • 1,132 KM – How much fuel?! Lauri Kadakas on how he broke the paramotoring open distance world record
  • Magic in the Maldives – “No one went in the water!” Dave Hardingham on a unique 1,300km trip through this island nation
  • The Road to Macedonia – “I had gotten in way over my head” Kiwi Johnston and Steve Ham with part three of this epic tale
  • Gin Atlas 2 – Charlie King flies this mid-level EN B in early spring thermals and loves it
  • Advance Xi – Lightweight wings have come a long way. Ed Ewing packs this high-EN B and heads to take-off

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