Cross Country 198 (April 2019)


Cross Country 198 (April 2019)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country 198 (April 2019):

  • Dust Devil! – Rick Brezina on what it’s like to get caught by a dust devil in Australia – and how to avoid it
  • The Endless Chain – Ben Jordan embarks on a pioneering 1,200km long vol-biv from south to north through the Rockies
  • Electric Dreams – Consumer drones are inspiring the next generation of ePPG. Jeff Goin presses Go
  • Relative Altitude – Father and son Bill and Luke Brooks tell Andy Pag what makes flying together so special
  • The Road to Macedonia – Kiwi Johnston continues his quixotic quest to get to fly at the Paragliding World Championships
  • In Patagonia – “I was shocked by the power of the wind.” Aaron Durogati combines big wall climbing with flying
  • Supair Step – “A great all-round XC wing.” Marcus King flies the first high-EN B from Supair
  • Ozone XXLite 2 – It weighs just 1.3kg and can take you to base and back. We fly the latest single-skinner on the market

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