Cross Country 195 (November 2018)


Cross Country 194 (October 2018)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country 195 (November 2018):

  • Thought for the Thermal – Ruth Jessop rounds up the best advice from the pilots at the Paragliding World Cup
  • Misty@50 – Marcus King decides to do something special for his birthday and heads to Austria for some acro
  • The Parabatix Crew – We head to the loudest, grungiest part of the paramotor field to talk speed and slalom flying
  • Himalayan Tales – Four pilots share their stories – from vol-biv on an EN-A to a 900km trip from India through Nepal
  • The Fine Line – Cody Tuttle has an epic in the Owens Valley that leaves him asking all the hard questions
  • Kitlist – We round up all the latest new gear and equipment news from the Coupe Icare 2018
  • Gradient Golden 5 – Brian Steele loves the handling on the fifth generation of this classic EN-B
  • Gin Pegasus 2 (PPG) – This easy to fly paramotor wing is perfect for new pilots or those who only dabble in power

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