Reader wins FREE Ozone paraglider

Thursday 3 November, 2011

Roderick Matthews, a new pilot from Sydney, Australia, hit gold in Tuesday when he won the 2011 Cross Country Magazine Readers’ Prize Draw.

The draw was supported by 10 of the biggest brands in the sport: AirDesign, Apco, Gin, Gradient, Independence, Ozone, Nova, Sol, Skyline and Swing.

The winner could chose a FREE certified solo wing from any of them! Rod has chosen an Ozone Mojo 3.

Rod’s name was chosen from the electronic hat using a random number generator. Entry into the draw was automatic to everyone who had a valid subscription, paper or digital, to Cross Country magazine on 1 November 2011.

The news of his win came as a welcome surprise to Rod who is still in the process of learning to paraglide and is a very recent subscriber to Cross Country magazine.

“I’m so excited, I didn’t think I would win anything like that even though I was hopeful” he admitted.

Rod will be receiving his brand new FREE Ozone Mojo 3 in the next few weeks so as to be able to carry on his training.

Congratulations Rod from all the Cross Country team, Ozone and all the rest of the 2011 Prize Draw supporters.

Roderick Matthews won an Ozone mojo 3 in the 2011 Cross Country Mag Prize Draw

A happy Roderick Matthews wins an Ozone Mojo 3 in the 2011 Cross Country Mag Prize Draw


My name is Roderick Matthews

I live in the Sydney suburb of Ermington

I am 57 years old

I work as an electrical line worker on power poles

I only started to learn to fly last year but had to stop as I broke my leg in a work accident – I fell off a ladder – and the twisting and turning was inflaming the leg. I now have the plates and screws removed and was going to start my lessons again next year with my two brothers in Canberra

I’ve only done a few lessons and a couple of tandems at Stanwell Park with my instructor Antony from Adventure Plus Paragliding

I started reading Cross Country magazine after I found it just surfing the internet, trying to find out more about paragliding. I have only just started to read it, last issue was my first edition

I find Cross Country magazine very informative with heaps of good reading

The wing I choose is an Ozone Mojo 3, as it suits novice to intermediate.


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