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Ozone Buzz Z6, “breakthroughs in performance”

Thursday 10 January, 2019

Ozone’s Buzz Z6 is out! They say the EN-B wing represents “performance breakthroughs” in the intermediate category, and takes passive safety to new levels.

They say it is a comfortable, easy to fly wing with intuitive and agile handling. It is aimed at pilots who fly 30-50 hours a year, or who want a wing with high levels of passive safety.

The Z6 has a double-3D shaped leading edge and Shark nose profile with refined openings “for improved pressurisation at all angles of attack”. It also has G-String straps, as used on the Rush 5. Ozone say these maintain a cleaner opening shape during accelerated flight, and aid re-inflation behaviour, so collapses open faster with less height loss.

The new internal structure includes spanwise straps and modified crossports, which the company say help improve cohesion, tension, and spanwise flow, so the wing absorbs turbulence better with less deformation, and glides better in active air. In addition, a new line layout represents 20% less drag.

The Buzz Z6 is made from Dominico 30D on top for durability, and 20D on the bottom surface to keep weight down. It is around 450g lighter than the Z5 (4.31kg to 5.68kg across the six sizes) and Ozone say it’s also more durable.

The Buzz Z6 is available in four standard or custom colours.

Ozone Buzz Z6 specs


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