Winners of the Colombia PWC in February 2022

Paragliding World Cup: 30th Anniversary Quiz

Wednesday 10 August, 2022

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Paragliding World Cup, a quiz was run through the live commentary of the Krushevo round in July. 

The competition remains open until 24 August, and the winner will receive a Cross Country goody bag worth over €150, containing:

To enter, email your answers to the seven questions below, to ruth@pwca.org before midnight (CET) on 24 August.

These are the seven questions that appeared, one per day, in the live commentary at the end of each task in Krushevo:

1. We are delighted to now have tracking and a live commentary at each competition.

a) Where and when was the first World Cup competition with live tracking?

b) Where and when was the first one with the commentary?


2. The World Cup has run competitions all over the globe.

a) How many World Cup competitions have there been?

b) How many different countries has the World Cup visited?


3. The World Cup is delighted to welcome young pilots to every competition.

a) What percentage of the pilots competing in Krushevo 2022 were born this century?


4. We are also delighted to have so many veterans still competing.

a) Which three pilots have competed in the most World Cup competitions?

b) How many competitions have each of those three pilots done?

(Please give the name of the pilot and the number of competitions you think that they have done).


5. A very big thank you to our Executive Secretary, Laura Sepet, for all her hard work.

a) How many years has Laura Sepet worked for the World Cup?

b) How many PWCA competition selections has she done?


6. This year we celebrate 30 years of World Cup competitions, 1992 -2022.

a) Which current World Cup pilot won the first task in the World Cup in Owens Valley in 1992?

b) Which pilot, competing in Krushevo 2022, has a father who won the other two tasks? (Clue: His father came third overall in the first ever World Cup Tour in 1992).


7. A big thank you to all our partners. There were 21 partner teams in the World Cup in Krushevo. However, if we rescore the competition with just two teams, one with the four youngest pilots and one with the four oldest pilots.

a) Which team would win, the young guns or the golden aged veterans?

b) How many points would each team score?


The answers will be posted here on 25 August, and the lucky winner will receive the Cross Country goody bag. Good luck!



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