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Calypso: Gin’s new lightweight EN-B

Sunday 28 July, 2019

There’s a brand new wing in Gin’s paraglider range. It’s called the Calypso and it’s a lightweight glider for travel, hike-and-fly and XC.

The Calypso is an easy EN-B, suitable for lower airtime pilots. It was designed from scratch as a light wing, rather than being a lightened version of something else, and it weighs just 3.2kg in the smallest size with lightweight Dyneema risers, 4.2kg in the biggest. You can order it with standard risers instead if you prefer, which adds around 200g.

Gin say the Calypso has exceptional passive safety and gives “coherent and controlled” feedback about the air. It was designed to offer the right blend of safety and fun. It’s easy to launch, and “a little more dynamic than a typical first glider”, but “passive security is still excellent and it won’t surprise the pilot”, Gin say.

S, M and L sizes have extended weight ranges, so more experienced pilots can load it up and enjoy dynamic or strong-wind flying on it.

Gin say:

We spent considerable time optimising the internal structure to reduce the weight as far as possible. In addition, we were able to increase the number of upper lines without increasing the total line consumption – this increases stability without compromising on performance“.

The Calypso is made from Porcher Skytex 27g, with 34g on the leading edge. It’s available in sizes XXS (55-75kg) to L (95-120kg) in white, blue or lime.

Gin Calypso specs


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