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Freedom Open Slovenia, June 2020

Tuesday 2 June, 2020

The Freedom Open is a mid- to high-level competition to be held in Tolmin, Slovenia starting 21 June 2020. It is open to EU pilots, who must register online by 6 June 2020.

The purpose is to celebrate our post-lockdown freedom to fly and to kickstart competition paragliding again, but because of travel restrictions it is only open to pilots who are based in Europe and who can get to Tolmin in three weeks’ time. It is for experienced pilots, and the 80 available places will be allocated according to WPRS points.

The Freedom Open is FAI cat 2 and will earn pilots WPRS points. Competition HQ is Camp Gabrje, Tolmin and registration / practice day is Sunday 21 June, with tasks from 22-27 June.

Pilots must book accommodation before travelling, and will be expected to wear masks in public places.

Organisers say:

In these difficult times, we cannot assume all will operate normally. However, our expectation is that once we are in the air, all will be as it usually is. On the ground though, we are likely to have to comply with some social distancing rules. These will include wearing of masks when indoors in public places and limiting the opportunities for us to be indoors.

Almost all shops and tourist accommodations are now open. The borders have been opened according to strict entry requirements, specifically:

A person may enter Slovenia without need for self isolation under the following condition “A person who has a confirmed reservation of an overnight stay of a tourist establishment in the Republic of Slovenia and proves this with proof of reservation.”. In other words, book your accommodation BEFORE you depart for Slovenia, and have it in writing. This could be a hotel, apartment, or a stay in a tent at Camp Gabrje.

To attend the event you MUST be travelling from another EU destination, which would be expected to be your place of residence. The event is closed to those from outside the EU.

What if the event cannot proceed?
The event is just 3 weeks away, and we are confident all is well for the event to proceed. However, these are uncertain times. In the event we suddenly do need to cancel the event at short notice we will inform you ASAP.

Will my entry be refunded if you cancel?
We are not taking the full entry fee now. We are just asking for a 40 euro deposit, so we have the funds to cover the FAI registration, official permissions and other basics that need to be done in advance. The final 200 euro is only payable if you make it to the venue to Registration, on the Sunday 21st. The 40 euro will not be refundable if you cannot make it. We feel this is a fair compromise.

Register at Airtribune.com


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