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Eric Perez Salva wins a free paraglider in prize draw 2020

Friday 31 January, 2020

Eric Perez Salva from Spain is the lucky winner of the Cross Country Prize Draw 2020. He wins a paraglider of his choice from any one of seven brands, including Advance, Gin, Icaro Paragliders, Independence Paragliding, Nova, Ozone and Skyman.

We rang him at 1pm GMT on Friday, shortly after the draw had been made at Cross Country’s production office in the south of France.

“No way! Are you serious? That’s amazing!” he said. “I am on holiday in Tenerife just now actually, let me pull over.”

Eric lives in the Pyrenees and currently flies a low EN B hike-and-fly wing. He has been flying for three years and is looking to upgrade his glider.

“I don’t know what brand I will choose yet, I will have a look tonight, and ask my mentors, but I will be looking for a lightweight high EN B glider,” he said.

The Cross Country Prize Draw happens twice a year – all Cross Country Magazine subscribers are automatically entered into the draw.

A full list of winners for the January 2020 draw includes:

Cross Country Prize Draw 2020

First prize: A brand new paraglider or paramotor wing from either Advance, Gin, Icaro, Independence, Nova, OzoneSkyman.
Winner: Eric Perez Salva, Spain

Supair Altirando Lite

Second prize: A Supair Altirando Lite harness – a light, comfortable, fully reversible harness
Winner: Stephen Buckingham, USA

Naviter Hyper

Third prize: A Naviter Hyper – a lightweight but fully-featured instrument for everyday use, hike-and-fly adventures and cross-country missions.
Winner: Bill Brand, UK

Plusmax Helmet

Fourth prize: A Plusmax helmet
Winner: Jerome Ducasa, France

Runner-up prizes

Velodrom sunglasses, Eric Gesinger, Canada

Cross Country Bullet speed bar, Philip Allen, Australia

XC Fastpack Bag, Glen Lockwood, Guyana

XC Brake Mittens, Paul Bolton, Australia

XCertina Compress bag, Regina Kosek, UK

XC Retrieve sign, Graham Cockburn, Switzerland

Cross Country T-shirt Henrik Strandgaard, Denmark

And a Cross Country cap  William Duffell, USA

Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you to all our subscribers for subscribing and taking part. The next chance to win a brand new paraglider will be June/July 2020. Good luck!



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