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Dudek Warp competition PPG wing

Wednesday 17 October, 2018

Dudek say their new competition paramotor wing, the Warp, is fast and agile with good fuel efficiency, and is ideal for classic and slalom competitions.

It’s for experienced pilots only, 300+ hours, with at least 100 on performance PPG wings, Dudek advise, adding: “These recommendations are not exaggerated, and we strongly advise you to take them seriously”.

It’s “made to win”, and designed for the optimal balance of speed, economy and agility, “so that the economy does not suffer from speed, speed from manoeuvrability, and agility from economy …

A 3 /4-liner hybrid arrangement allows the profile geometry to be precisely adjusted using the trimmers, speedbar or both together through the PA (Power Attack) system. It has 2D steering – the main controls and tip-steering are on the same control handle.

Dudek say the Warp is as agile as the Snake XX, as efficient as the Hadron XX and faster than both of them. In thermals it flies “like a free-flight wing”, with a good climb rate, good glide and intuitive handling.

The Warp will be available in three Moods colour schemes (Energy, Harmony and Passion) and eight sizes, from 14m² to 24m². Dudek recommend flying it in the upper half of the weight range to get the best from this wing.

The Warp, as all Dudek’s wings, is made in their own factory in Poland.

Dudek Warp specifications


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