Launching during the Eigertour 2020. Photo: Tobias Dimmler
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Cross Country 213: September 2020

Friday 21 August, 2020

From taking part in the Eigertour for the first time to a masterlass in vol-biv with Antoine Girard, the latest issue is all about getting out there and finding your own adventure. Here’s a look at what’s inside the September issue.


It’s been a weird year – it’s still a weird year – but pilots are a resilient bunch, and when the wind is on and the sun is shining, there’s not a lot that’ll stop us flying. We round up some of the news from the scene: what’s on, what’s not.

Vol-biv masterclass with Antoine Girard

Marcus King joins Antoine Girard and Martin Beaujouan in the heart of the French Alps for a specialist course in the art of vol-bivouac.

Cayenne 6 review

In what is turning out to be a classic year for EN-C wings Skywalk have “outperformed themselves” with the new Cayenne 6, writes our review pilot. “Robust, beautifully constructed glider built with a lot of attention to detail.”

Chasig distance with Gavin McClurg

“It’s fool’s gold,” says columnist Gavin McClurg about chasing big distance and world records in Texas. He went anyway, and reports back. “You better have a smooth tongue when confronted by dig dudes with big guns.”

Icaro Gravis 2 review

Three years ago we headed to Austria to fly the Icaro Gravis. This time, the glider came to us. We fly this latest confidence-inspiring mid-B in the heat of summer in the southern French Alps.

Honza Rejmanek paragliding

“There is something deeply empowering about being able to fly over deep terrain and safely back to where you started.” Honza Rejmanek tells us how to forecast an out-and-return day.

Paramotoring and speed systems

“Don’t push too hard, too fast.” There is an art to flying fast and using the speed system on your paramotor, says Jeff Goin, who explains how to do it right and do it safely.

Triple Seven Rook 3 review

The Triple Seven Rook 3 has been turning heads in the high EN B class – and we agree. Bullseye, Triple Seven. We take the glider flying in Bavaria.

The Eigertour 2020

In three quick years the Eigertour has established itself as one of the top hike-and-fly events in the sport. Tobias Dimmler gives us the lowdown on this year’s race.

Nick Neynens interview

“I really like exploring. I like the feeling of discovering something for the first time.” New Zealander Nick Neynens wins hearts and minds with his laid-back approach in the X-Alps – we find out more about him in this in-depth profile.

Rafael Saladini

Three-time paragliding world record holder Rafael Saladini knows a thing or two about the psychology of our sports, and he shares it in this issue’s regular column, The Head Game. “Before, I was always trying to follow the big guys,” he says, “but without the right experience.” It’s a lesson in flying – it’s a lesson in life!

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