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Cross Country 209: May 2020

Friday 17 April, 2020

Pablo Heidenreich gets hot on the cover of this issue of Cross Country magazine! Photographer Felix Wolk was on tour in Colombia earlier this year and captured the stunning cover image. “As soon as I clicked the shutter I knew I had a cover shot,” Felix said. Here’s what else is in the magazine.

The Earth. Image: NASA

Lockdown has grounded pilots around the world. Competitions have been cancelled, schools have closed and flying is off the agenda in many countries. We look at how the first 30 days of lockdown unfolded.

Robin Friess, head of the DHV. Photo: Ewa Korneluk

“We have been trying to help all the business in the flying scene,” says DHV director Robin Friess about the lockdown. But he’s also confident the scene can and will bounce back strongly.

Antoine Girard on the Ozone Zeolite GT. Photo: Antoine Boisselier

Stuck inside staring at the sky? Don’t just sit there – learn something! From free meteorology courses online to ebooks and video tutorials, we round up some flying-focused education.

Mac Para Eden 7 EN B review. Photo: Charlie King

We review three paragliders in-depth this issue. The Mac Para Eden 7 is a connoisseur’s wing, says our reviewer, a dream machine in the EN B+ class.

Paragliding in Skye. Photo: Kieran Campbell

Why go to Scotland in May? Because of the classic flying and wilderness potential, says local photographer and pilot Kieran Campbell. We get the insider tips, for when pilots can fly freely again.

Flying the new Nova Aonic EN A. Photo: Marcus King

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Chrigel Maurer talk

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There is a new breed of EN A hitting the market, designed to take you from school to base and beyond. We find out why EN A+ is for attitude.

Paragliding in the time of coronavirus. Illustration: Steve Ham

Gavin McClurg hits a home run with his advice on how to manage the lockdown and the challenges it might bring. From staying healthy to growing your own greens, down-time doesn’t need to keep you down.

Review of the BGD Cure 2

The second of our paraglider reviews is the BGD Cure 2 (EN C). We flew it over winter, when we put the claimed top speed of 60km/h to the test.

How fog thickens

Our resident weather guru Honza Rejmanek looks at radiation fog: how it’s formed, what it does, and how it can affect flying for both paraglider and paramotor pilots.

How to flap a paraglider. Photo: Ant Green

How to flap a paraglider. Photo: Ant Green

Bruce Goldsmith has some high level advice for pilots who want to learn to pump. From top landing to in-flight, pumping can increase your usable brake range and enhance your skills.

Paragliding in Colombia with the new Advance Sigma 11. Photo: Felix Wolk

Colombia is hot right now. The destination has gone from off-beat destination to the top spot for paraglider pilots looking for winter thermalling. Photographer Felix Woelk hooks up with paragliding legend Pal Takats to fly Piedechinche and beyond.

Faces from the Stubai Cup 2020

The Stubai Cup 2020 was a perfect start to the season, before the big shutdown. We were there, test flying new wings and finding out about all the new gear. We go inside the festival and find out the best things.

Tandem paramotor display flying at night. Photo: Ant Green

The Philippine International Hit Air Balloon Festival is the longest running aviation event in Asia. Ant Green goes along for the ride.

Apco F1 paramotor review

The F1 is a fast paramotor wing, designed for long XCs and experienced pilots. We get out the speed gun and go trimmers-off.

Artoosh Ghafourian and passenger

Artoosh Ghafourian’s life is all flying. Based in Oludeniz he is a test pilot for Sky and has a thriving paragliding business. We talk to him about his early years in Iran, and how he came to find a new life – and love – in Turkey.

Review of the Flyfat Gummfluh

The Flyfat what? In the third of our full-fat paraglider reviews we fly the Gummfluh, a new lightweight EN B with an acro/freestyle heritage.

Cross Country Issue 209 – May 2020

All our paraglider reviews this issue were finished before lockdown. Like many pilots around the world, we are following the rules about not flying where we are. We’re looking forward to getting back in the air soon. Keep safe and take care.


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