The landing field in Bir, India. Jerome Maupoint heads back to Bir – 21 years after first flying this famous site. Photo: Jerome Maupoint
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Cross Country 205: November 2019

Friday 18 October, 2019

The flying never stops! Whether it’s hike-and-fly in the Alps or chasing distance from Brazil to Bir, this time of year can offer brilliant flying. Here’s what’s in the latest issue of Cross Country Magazine

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Kinga Masztalerz at the Coupe Icare 2019. Photo: Marcus King

From hike-and-fly to party time, we bring you the best from this year’s huge free-flight festival in the Alpine village of St Hilaire du Touvet.

Helina Nieminen Finnish Paragliding Girl

“This is what I love! Full power!” The “pink paramotoring girl from Finland” tells us how she got into flying and where she’s going next.

Michael Sigel XContest 2019 winner. Photo: Marcus King

The XContest 2019 season is over and Switzerland’s Michael Sigel topped the table. But what else do the results tell us? We look through the 15,000 pilots to find out who’s flying what and where.

Franky Zapata hoverboard man

You’ve seen them on social media and in the headline news – now we catch up with two of the world’s best known Rocketmen. Franky Zapata and Richard Browning tell us how they fly using jetpacks and hoverboards – and if we can do it too.

3D shaping in paragliders by Bruce Goldsmith

3D panel shaping is the name given to the special sail cuts at the leading edge on the top surface of a paraglider – but what does it actually do and what do you need to know about it? Bruce Goldsmith explains all.

SeeYou Cloud review

What to do now XC Planner has lost its airspace functionality? Marcus King trials Naviter’s SeeYou Cloud

Paragliding in Bir. Photo: Jerome Maupoint

“Bir has been transformed.” Two decades since his first visit photographer Jerome Maupoint returns to this legendary Himalayan flying site – and explains what you need to fly here well.

Max Berger K2 paraglider pilot

“At this height everything becomes difficult.” In summer Max Berger took the world’s lightest paraglider and launched it from 8,000m on K2. He tells Adi Geisegger what happened next.

Dudek Run&Fly review

We don’t take it to such great heights, but we do grab the Dudek Run&Fly and run for the hills. At less than 1kg it’s the lightest glider yet. What’s it like? We find out.

Air Design Vivo review

“Absolute simplicity on launch.” Charlie King flies the new low-B from AirDesign, plus we go hike-and-fly with the Susi 3.

Paramotoring in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Photo: Dan Burton

“If the weather doesn’t suit you, just wait 10 minutes…” Stephan Walkowiak heads to the Outer Hebrides, Scotland to fly some of the remotest coastline in Europe.

Hike and fly in Interlaken. Photo: Marcus King

Could we keep up? We went hike-and-fly with Team Advance and their four Red Bull X-Alps pilots – Chrigel Maurer, Toma Coconea, Patrick von Kanel and Aaron Durogati.

Nova Mentor 6 and 6 Light review

We review the Nova Mentor 6 and the Mentor 6 Light side by side. Which one’s right for you?


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