Cross Country Magazine issue 205 (November 2019)


Cross Country 205 (November 2019)

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Here’s what you will find inside Cross Country Magazine issue 205 (November 2019):

  • Coupe Icare 2019 – From hike-and-fly to party-time we bring you the best of this year’s free-flight festival
  • Rocketmen! – Franky Zapata and Richard Browning tell us how they fly using jet packs and hoverboards
  • 21 Years of Bir – “Bir/Billing has been transformed.” Two decades since his first visit, Jérôme Maupoint returns
  • K2  – “At this height everything becomes difficult.” Max Berger tells us what it’s like to fly from 8,000m
  • The Outer Hebrides – “If the weather doesn’t suit you, just wait 10 minutes.” Stephan Walkowiak heads out west
  • Destination Interlaken – “We’re coming.” We go hike-and-fly with Advance and their team of Red Bull X-Alps pilots
  • Nova Mentor 6 (EN B) – We fly the standard and light version side-by-side to see if we can spot the difference
  • AirDesign Vivo (EN B) – “Absolute simplicity on launch.” Charlie King flies the new low-B from AD, plus we hike-and-fly the Susi 3
  • Dudek Run & Fly – This single-skin paraglider weighs less than 1kg. Charlie King takes it for a run
  • Naviter SeeYou Cloud – What to do now XCPlanner has lost its airspace? Marcus King trials Naviter’s answer

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