Goalfield action during the PWC Superfinal 2021. Photo: Andy Busslinger
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PWC Superfinal 2021: Luc and Chrigel tie for T7

Monday 16 August, 2021

Luc Armant and Christian Maurer took joint first in Task 7, a fast and racy 62km. Chrigel flew faster but Luc led out more, and they both scored 928 points. Yael Margelisch was highest placed in the women’s rankings, with 833 points and 26th place overall.

Ruth Jessop reports:

With concerns about overdevelopment in the afternoon, a 62 km task was set going directly east. The early part of the race gave stunning views and lots of photo opportunities for those who had time to stop. With the wind behind them, and stronger than forecast, the first pilots made goal super-fast, in one hour and nineteen minutes, thus sadly devaluing the day.

In the goal valley the wind seemed to come from all directions. Above about 300m it was from the south; below 300m it was from the north. The unexpected wind from the north caused a lot of problems.

“It was a task where you had to concentrate right to the very end”, said Honorin Hamard.

For whatever may have been good, or not so good in today’s task, it did put this Superfinal in the record books as being one of the very few World Cups where one pilot has won three tasks. Well done Luc.
The only pilots to have won more, in recent paragliding times, were in two previous Superfinals: Stefan Wyss in 2015 in Valle de Bravo, Mexico and Luca Donini in 2012 in Roldanillo, Colombia.

The first 68 pilots made goal today, and thus all flew the same distance, and gained the same distance points. Today’s winner is therefore the one with a combination of the best speed points and lead-out points.

Top 4 Overall
1 = Luc Armant
1 = Christian Maurer
3 = Pierre Remy
3 = Julien Wirtz

Top 3 Women
1 –  Yael Margelisch
2 – Nanda Walliser
3 – Seiko Fukuoka-Naville

Top 3 Teams
1 = Niviuk
1 = Ozone
3 – Flying Tree Environmental Management

Top 3 speed points
1:19:41 Christian Maurer (42.2 km/h)
1:19:49 Julien Wirtz
1:20:54 Pierre Remy

Top 3 leading points
150.8 Luc Armant
141.4 Pierre Remy
139.1 Honorin Hamard

Follow the commentary, the leaderboard and tracking on the live app.

All the results are available here.

Monday 16 August is an official rest day.

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